Many people who want to lose weight feel as though most diets are too restricting and too tedious. Instead of taking the time and effort to follow a specific diet, consider making a few small changes in the way to approach losing weight. There are a few simple things people can do to cut down on calories while still enjoying food and losing weight easily.

People who want to lose weight should make sure they get enough sleep. Getting at least seven to nine hours of sleep each day will help keep metabolism in high gear throughout the day. After waking up, start the day with a high-protein breakfast like eggs or meat. Besides kicking the metabolism in gear, a high protein meal will keep hunger pangs at bay for several hours. Add some spicy herbs and sauces to meals and burn even more calories. Eat more food for breakfast and lunch. Dinner should be light, eaten as early as possible and consist of mostly vegetables.

Give up diet drinks and switch to water with lemon to lose weight easily. Diet drinks do not hydrate people as well as water. Adding fresh squeezed lemon to water each day will add flavor and keep a person hydrated. Since being dehydrated often brings on hunger pangs, switching to water with lemon will hydrate a body and encourage less snaking throughout the day.

Meditate and visualize a healthy and lean body. Meditation is an easy way to lose weight People who meditate and visualize themselves thin, are more successful at weight loss.

When eating out, order an appetizer as a main dish. Appetizers typically are smaller and contain less calories than full entrees. Eating appetizers also takes the pressure off of feeling like it is important to finish all the food on an entree plate. When ordering a salad, get the dressing on the side. Stick a fork into the dressing, then into the salad.

Add some monounsaturated fats like nuts, avocados and olive oil to each meal. Eating monounsaturated fats with each meal will not only help people lose weight, it will also help decrease fat around the stomach area.

Make a point to exercise regularly, even if it is only for a few minutes every other day. Thirty minutes of cardio exercise will burn about 500 calories, so seven workouts will burn the equivalent of one pound. Do 15 minutes every day and in only fourteen days, one pound will be gone. Lift weights for a few minutes every other day to increase muscle mass. Muscle burns a lot more calories than fat. The more muscle on a person's body, the more calories she will burn off every day even while resting.

Making a few small lifestyle changes will make weight loss a lot easier and less tedious.