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If you own a truck, you're likely interested in finding ways to make extra money with a pickup truck. Whether you would like to create an emergency fund, pay off debt or save for a family vacation, most people could use the extra money. Use your pickup truck to create an extra source of income. With a bit of creativity, you can make your pickup truck work for you.

Hot Shot/Courier Driver

Make extra money as a contractor for a hot-shot company. Hot-shot companies often place ads in newspapers for truck owners and pay on a per-mile basis. Another option is to look for your own accounts. Construction contractors often use this type of service. They might run out of supplies or forget to order an item and need it delivered right away. A hot-shot driver will pick up the item and deliver it to the site. Place ads in local newspapers offering your service. Most newspapers have a print and online version.

Deliver Furniture 


Offer to pick up and deliver new and used purchases. Many bargain hunters like to buy used items at yard sales and through online sites but need delivery service. Renting a trailer or truck is time consuming and expensive. Place ads to let others know that you can help them with the delivery of their purchases. Your client avoids the hassle of renting a trailer and you make extra money - a win-win situation.

Moving Services

Make your truck available for a fee to family, friends and neighbors who need to move and make some extra money in the process. Particularly at the end of the month, when people generally move out of rental properties. People are tired of horror stories associated with unethical movers. If you establish a rapport with a few clients, they will spread the word and bring in more business.

Haul Away Junk

Help those that need to get rid of clutter and junk. People often accumulate unwanted items in their garage, porch or backyard because they don't have a truck to haul it away. Why not offer your hauling services for a fee? What some people call "junk" could result in extra money for you. You may even find items that you can turn around and resell. For instance, you can take any metal items to the scrap yard.

Plow Snow

Plowing snow is another easy way to make extra money. If you live in an area where it snows in the winter and have a snow plow installed on your truck, offer to plow driveways and parking lots. This type of service is in high demand during snow storms and blizzards. Some truck owners even travel to areas hit by blizzards in the winter to make extra money.

Pick Up and Sell Scrap

Pick up broken appliances and other metal items. Scrap yards purchase metal items and pay by the pound. They will generally take appliances "As Is." You don't have to dismantle the item.

As you can see, there are countless easy ways to make extra money with a pickup truck. Individuals who are creative and proactive generally find ways to make money.

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