make money around the house

As of right now the american economy is struggling badly. People are losing their homes more than ever and there is a huge loss of jobs in society. People have kids to raise and families to feed but they don't have the money to do so. Although a few cents a day may not be much but a few cents a day for a year really adds up over time.

Not being able to support yourself or your family is a horrible feeling and no one wants to feel useless. If you are unable to find work there are many ways to save money or to make money working from home. It doesn't have to be that hard either!

You may not know it but there are many ways to make a few cents around your house. It may only be chump change to some but being saved up for a year really adds up and helps out if you are out of work.

Ways I make money around the house:

1. Collect soda cans and plastic water bottles. For each can other plastic bottle that you save you get a few cents. I believe where I live its 5 cents per can. I keep a large trash can in my garage where I throw all my cans and plastic bottles after they are empty. Every 2-3 months I will go to recycle them and I usually get $30-50. This is great for something that some people normally thow away

2. Save your change in a jar! Change adds up very quickly. I keep a large jar in my closet where I put all my change after I get home every day. After only a few months of saving I cashed in the change at a coinstar at my local ralphs and got $137.45. Imagine how much it would be if you saved for a year!

3. Work on the computer from home. Yes it may seem impossible but there are many people making a living from the comfort of their homes and working on the computer. The websites in my profile teaches you more on making money from your computer at home. I personally work from my computer and make a great living so I know you can too!

4. Sell things you no longer use. I had 3 guitars that I never used sitting around so I decided to use craigslist to sell them. I sold each guitar for nearly $200 for a total of $550. This only took a few minutes to post the ads and then a few minutes to meet up with the person to sell the guitar to.

5. Save money. Saving money in a way is making money because its money that you won't have to give away. Do things around the house to save electricity, water, and other things. It doesn't hurt to turn off the extra lights that you arn't using!

This is just a small list of things I do to make money from home. I earn a living from home so I know its possible!