We all need money to survive in these days. Understanding that money is not as hard to come by will be the biggest thing to over come. We are currently in one of the biggest financial collapses the United States has been though. Millions are with out the proper food to eat and cloths to wear. You do not need to be in that category. As of today I will show you Easy ways to make money.

List of ways to make money.

  1. Return your bottles.
  2. Scrap metal
  3. Set up your own business
  4. Shovel Snow
  5. Make Crafts.

As you have seen there are many ways to make money if you are into working a little. I will go over in detail how to start up and make money though the ideas I have posted. There may be a little money need in the beginning to make every thing happen, but as true companies have shown you can't always make money with no money.

Returning Your Bottles.

As you are reading today I am sure that you have soda, juice, or liquor can some where in your house. Iowa, Mass, Maine, Oregon, NY, and Connecticut are accepting returnable cans at precipitating areas. You can earn 5 cents per can you return. In Michigan you can earn an easy 10 cents. I am not saying you can make a fortune but there are many people out in the world making a living and helping the environment with recycling. Every 20 cans you save and return will be $1.00 in your pocket. Walk around town and collect as many bottles as you can in one day. I am sure you will have enough for a pack of cigarettes or a nice dinner. If you are savvy with the internet you can also set an ad online saying you are looking for cans to return and will take cans off of peoples hands.

How much can you make in a week on average? $20-50

Scraping Metal

Scraping metal can be an easy way to make money if you have the tools ready. Scraping metal has been a growing way to earn the much-needed money that we are lacking today. The tools that are needed are, a car, screwdrivers, and a will to work hard. You need to wake up in the morning to drive around looking on people yards for beet up car, metal ect. The price of copper is about $10.00 per pound. You can find copper wire in old houses and barns. All you have to do is ask and load all of the metal on your truck. Most people will make in upwards of 500-1000 a week from driving around and scraping. If you have an old car behind your house you can make money by scraping the car or donating to a local charity. Make sure all of the plastic is taking off of the wires before returning to scrap yard.

How much will you make in a week average? $100-1000

Setting up your own business.

We all want to be our own boss. We don't want to have the big man telling us what to do. So there is starting your own Business that could help lead you to fixing your Money management problems. A lot of business does not need a lot of overhead money to start up. Lets take in example Mowing peoples lawn. If you own a lawn mower and have the heart to go around and posting flyers, you will be in business. The hardest part for start-ups is the drive and determination to stick with the project. I will speak from experience by saying it does not take long to start making money. Word of mouth will make or break your business before it even gets of the ground. Make sure that you strive to make every experience a blessing for every one you meet.

How much will you make in a week average? $ 50 to $1000s

Shoveling snow.

Shoveling snow can be the easiest way to make money. More then a billon people live where they receive snow at least half of the year. I make it a goal to go around before the snow arrives and post flyers with my prices. It is really helpful for the older generation to get shoveled out. Our mothers and fathers should not have to shovel out. Charging them will be up to you but between 10-15 dollars should be perfect. Every snowstorm is an opportunity to make money, so be out there while it is snowing and knock on doors. By picking up 5 driveways to shovel you may make in up wards of $100 per storm. Backaches will be the biggest down side of shoveling but saving the extra $100 you made will be well worth it.

How much will you make in a week average? Around $100

Making crafts.

Making crafts can be some of the enjoyable ways you can make money. Picking up the supplies or using the ones you already have can create a way to make some passive income. All you need to do is research some ideas and how much they sell for. You can then make a bulk amount of either bracelets or earrings and sell them online. Sites that pertain to selling your crafts are like a dime a dozen. Crafting fairs and also yard sales are an excellent way to sell your items. Make sure that the prices are close to the prices that others are selling them for.

How much can you make in a week average? Around $100

With all of these tips , even you can start making money today. The biggest reason why people today do not try to make their own money is because they have heard or saw people in the past saying they cant. We need to be strong and fight for what's ours. Make today the day that your make the money you deserve, while having fun.

We all can make the money we need and this topic has not even been scratched yet.