Promoting your small business is a lot like practicing a musical instrument; you may not like it but you have to do it if you want to make progress. For some, it can be a nerve-wracking experience because you might have no idea where, what, or how much promotion you need to do.  Believe it or not, there are plenty of free and creative ways to get the word out about your business and help customers find you.

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Get Your Message Across

Show Your Expertise

Being in business, you're more than familiar with the issues that many of your clients are dealing with and how to solve them. This is your area of expertise and it's your ticket to showing potential clients that you can help them through your business.  You could write articles for local newspapers or blogs that give people doable advice  in your area of ability.  Showing off your skills this way may open doors such as potential guest spots on local radio or TV shows, or even a newspaper feature.

Promote Everywhere

Make sure your business name, logo, tag line, and contact information is on everything that leaves your office, whether it be an invoice or a just a note. This isn’t for your current clients, it’s for your current clients’ friends or colleagues who might see the note or receipt and may need your services now or in the future.

Business Cards
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Indirect and Indirect Methods

Use Leisure Activities

Everyone has hobbies. Whether it's being a member of a band or being a part of a community sports league, it costs nothing to ask whether your business can be mentioned along with your name on the roster or in a newspaper article write-up. This helps people to associate you with your business and word-of-mouth is still the best marketing strategy.

Business Cards

A classic that works every time!  Vistaprint is one of the top business paraphernalia providers around and every once in a while they offer great promotions on premium business cards. These are some of the more unique cards that you can use to make an eye-catching impression. Leave them everywhere.

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Using the Real World and the Web

Business-to-Business Networks

B2B networks are some of the most underused resources because many businesses are focused on procuring customers by more direct means.  Striking up a relationship with a related business, but not a direct competitor, can mean more exposure to the right people who may need your expertise at some point.

Website and a Facebook Page

The power of social media can't be ignored by local offline businesses. Mobile is a lifestyle and one of the ways that people are finding new services is through networks like Facebook. Set up a page and make sure you update it with your posts or other useful information for your prospective customers. You may even want to try some Facebook advertising; it's inexpensive and you can target it to the areas you want.

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