Easy ways to save 10% or more on your automobile insurance...

Everyone wants to save money. Here are a few ways you can do so when it comes to saving some cash when looking into car insurance:

1. Always be sure to do a good compare and contrast research. Try and get a few different quotes from a variety of places so you can see who has the cheapest insurance available to you. You can always search online as well as doing actual footwork as well. You can also try and learn about the least amount of car insurance you need. Prices will be different depending on where you look. Also remember that a low price by itself is not all you want to look for. Be mindful of certain discounts the various companies offer as well as customer service. Always read reviews on whatever company you are looking into.

2. Get rid of insurance coverage you do not necessarily need. Older cars may not really need collision coverage, at least financially speaking. Also think about how much it is making you lose at an annual rate to cover an older car when it may make more sense just to sell it. It may be cheaper just to purchase a new car rather than paying an arm and a leg keeping your older car insured under your current insurance plan. You certainly do not need full coverage if you have your vehicle all paid off. Comprehensive coverage is another one that you could get rid of if it is an older car. After all, if you car is old and dinged up already, will it really matter if you ding it again? If your car is worth less than one thousand dollars, it may be smarter to get rid of both comprehensive and collision coverage. You also do not really need roadside assistance or towing coverage. You may not be saving a whole lot, but it may be looking into. Just be one hundred percent sure you know exactly what you may be giving up so you do not find yourself between a rock and a hard place.

3. Do not be afraid to bundle your insurance. It may save you money if you have your car insurance and homeowners insurance being taken care of by the same company. You can always call and ask your provider if they would allow some sort of bundle plan. Most insurance companies will give you a discount for having both insurance policies with them instead of having more than one.

4. If you have a good stash of money on the side for emergency spending, you could try raising your deductable. Doing this can lower your premiums quite a bit, but if you do not have money put on the side then you can be in big trouble if you get into an accident and have to pay for repairs out of pocket. You do not want to lose all of your savings and end up in debt. Then the entire plan of saving your money is out the window! It can save you a lot but keep in mind that if you do get in more accidents than the average Joe Schmoe, than it may be wise to ignore this tip.

5. Always ask about other discounts that are offered. Anything that you may possibly qualify for will be of a great benefit to you and your financial well being. Do not be afraid to ask. If you have more than one vehicle, sometimes a company will get you a discount if they are all under the same company. Make sure you do your research however, as it is not always cheapest to have all of your vehicles under one insurance policy.

6. Always keep an eye out for group discounts. Sometimes there are partnerships that can get you in good and get you a decent discount. Always inquire about these. Try asking your place of work or financial institutions that may be able to help you here.

7. Try your best to keep your driving record clean. Of course, you want to do this one anyway. No one wants to get in an accident or get tickets. It is one of the fastest ways that your car insurance can increase as you may very well know. Points on your license is not a good thing, you do not want them! Not to mention that the more accidents you get in, potential insurance companies will increase their premiums if they think you are an unsafe driver. Remember to always be careful when driving. Make sure you always wear your seatbelt (it can save your life as well as get you out of a ticket). Obey speed limits, after all they are there for a reason. Be sure that when you are parking you are doing so where you will not be ticketed or towed away. A big fine is the last thing you want if you are trying to save money.

8. Finding the right car, if you do not already have one, can also be a big help. Do some research as to how your new vehicle will affect your insurance rate before you make a final decision. Big SUVs and giant vehicles such as H3s will have higher costs for them to be insured. As will the fancy sports cars or any kind of gas guzzler or high performance vehicle. All you want is a safe reliable car. Sometimes companies also offer discounts on cars that are environmentally friendly. Showing off with some fancy new car is old hat, pointless, and expensive. Also look for cars that are not as high profile. Certain colors (like red) will get pulled over more and stopped for speeding. Remember that if the model of car you are interested in have owners that file expensive or more frequent claims, the same model will have higher rates than that of another. Keep an eye out for a car that does not cost too much to insure.

9. If you happen to put fewer miles on your car than the numbers that are predetermined, you may be able to get a discount for it. It goes annually, so be sure to do your research.

10. Some discounts are also offered if your car is installed with certain safety features. These include air bags, car alarms, antilock brakes as well as others. Remember that it does not hurt to ask.

11. Keep a good credit score. Sometimes your credit rating will in fact effect how much you will be paying for your car insurance rates. Sometimes this varies from place to place and from company to company, but generally speaking having a good credit score means lower insurance rates. People with bad credit tend to have more run ins with tickets not to mention car accidents. Check your credit score and if it is bad, work on improving it!

Remember the most important thing about all of this is research. Do not be lazy and do not be afraid to ask questions. Compare and contrast what you are getting into. Know what you are cutting, know what you are gaining. Be very mindful and you may save tons of money on car insurance.