These days, we're all looking to save some money wherever we can. Implementing the ideas from the article below can save the average family thousands of dollars a year without the pain of doing without. Easy tips to save money around the house:

Things You Will Need

extra blankets and sweaters
towels for draft-dodgers
time and ingenuity to do it yourself
vegetable seeds
natural cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda

Step 1

One simple way to save money around the home which does not involve spending any money is to make the home more energy efficient. Turn down the heat, especially when sleeping or not home, to save hundreds of dollars a year. Seal windows to prevent drafts, and use towels to block drafts under doors. Turning down the heat saves 10% for every degree the heat is turned down from 72, saving the average family potentially hundreds of dollars per year.

Step 2

Use coupons whenever possible. Use coupons not only to save money on food at the grocery store, but also to save money on oil changes, hair cuts, dinners out, and even services needed around the home. Enroll in store rewards cards programs and online programs to increase the amount of money saved on basic everyday items. Coupons can save the average family hundreds of dollars a year on basic essentials.

Step 3

Do it yourself if possible. Learn how to do more around the home instead of paying someone else to do it for you. This can be as simple as learning to make soap or as complicated as painting the exterior of the home. The more you do yourself, the more money you will save in labor costs to have projects around the house completed. Depending upon the project in question, the average family could save thousands of dollars in labor costs by doing it yourself.

Step 4

Grow a garden. Gardening is an easy way to save lots of money on food. In fact, the average home garden saves an average family $500 a year on food they would otherwise have to buy at the grocery store. If time and space allows, grow a large garden and learn how to preserve the produce for use later in the year.

Step 5

Make your own home made cleaners using combinations of natural cleaners whenever possible. Vinegar is a natural cleaner often used in conjunction with other natural cleaners, such as baking soda, to clean most items around the house, from windows to the bathtub, even the toilet. While there is a cost involved in purchasing natural cleaners, they are cheaper than commercial cleaners hands-down. Using natural cleaners can save a family around $20 a month and are quite easy to use.

With a few simple lifestyle changes, the average family can save lots of money around the house. It's easy; why not give one or two ideas a try?

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