It's no secret that wedding planning may be one of the most stressful tasks you will ever experience, but it's also one of the most exhilarating. Since there are so many decisions to make, it's important to be incredibly organized with a set schedule in mind just as soon as you're engaged.

If planning a wedding is new to you, you'll soon realize why it takes so much attention to detail, and why it's worth the extra time spent.

The first thing you and your fiancé will want to do is decide on the absolute perfect date. This should actually be given quite a lot of thought as everything about the wedding will be centered around this one decision.

Unless of course you had a date with some sort of significance already in mind, in which case, relax because you're ahead of schedule. Be sure everyone on both sides of the family will be able to attend, and also check to see that nothing else important is scheduled during that time.

Another aspect of wedding planning that takes precedence is deciding on the venue for the ceremony. Some couples choose locations close to home, while others opt for vacation-style weddings on beaches or other beautiful places where the closest of friends and family are there for the joyous occasion.

This is a nice idea as it allows everyone to visit somewhere they might not have ever gone to otherwise, giving them a special event to attend and a vacation all at once. These weddings may also be less expensive than usual as many locations offer various all-inclusive packages.

After you both have firmly decided on the basics, it's time to get even more organized and really start planning the details of the wedding. By keeping an accurate list of everything that must be done, including a set timeframe for each, you shouldn't have any problems during the ever exciting process of wedding planning. When the special day finally arrives, you'll be able to enjoy yourself as everything falls beautifully into place.