Earn Income Doing Easy Tasks

1.  Become a Resident Assistant (RA).   Help faciliate dormitory living and enforce college policies. Although these jobs can be stressful at times, most of the time I have found that there is little work to be done.  You will be required to stay in your room at certain hours on certain days--but unlike working at a fastfood chain, you will be able to relax in your room and do homework or other tasks.  These jobs generally pay in free bed and board.  Since this money goes directly to your college account it is tax free--often making around $8,000 per year.

2.  Work at the Library.  Although this job usually pays around minimum wage, the workload is very low.  Many days I have worked at the desk doing nothing but studying for homework.  Earning $7.50 an hour studying sure beats earning nothing studying in your room!

3.  Become a lifeguard.  Although you will have to be vigilant doing this job,  you often have time when no one is at the pool--allowing you to read or do homework while working.

4.  Work at the gym desk.  Other than signing people in, this job requires very little effort--allowing you to study on the side.

5.  Start a blog/post articles online.  This income can allow you to utilize papers and projects you have done for school, while making money off them. 

6.  Work at the barista.  These jobs generally pay well (+occasional tips) while allowing you to work on other tasks in the meantime.  Also, the money you will save in free coffee will add up!

7.  Computer geek?  Look no further than working for your school's computer lab/repair office.  These jobs are generally very laid back and offer plenty of free time to diddle dally doing whatever you like.  The perks often include software and computer deals.  But beware, the people who work in these departments often have pre-established World of Warcraft clans.  Earn their trust and respect, and perhaps these seasoned gamers will let you in on the tricks of the trade!

8.  Work for a car dealership.  Many pleased students have reported to me that they have made starting salaries of $10/hour working at the nearby car dealership.  In addition to the great starting hourly wage, these jobs often have a lot of down time--allowing you the freedom to work on whatever else you like, all while getting paid!

Well that's it folks, happy effortless job hunting!