Woodworking as a Hobby


Woodworking has fascinated people for hundreds of years all over the world. In fact it goes way back to the time when we carved ornaments and trinkets with a small whittling knife.Men have sat about whittling wonderful creations as a way to pass the time away.Wood carvings are still done today and are highly sort after in the form of music boxes, coffee tables with intriguing carved legs and many other wonderful crafted items.

Anyone males or females can carve or make wooden objects these days especially with the wonderful new woodworking machines that make it so much easier.You can now make virtually anything in your home with a few woodworking tools although like anything the higher tech and easier it will be to make.


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Woodworking toys you can Create


There are heaps of easy woodworking projects to make for children. You could use a fret saw and cut out shapes of clowns, animals and a variety of other animals and put pegs in these to throw rings on or use them to hang their clothes on. Paint them in different colors to represent the shape you have cut out.

Without doubt I believe the old rocking horse would have to be the favorite of all children.If that is too big for you in the beginning then why not try the old hobby horse.I think every child has either had one of these or played with one.

Cut out a rough shape for a vehicle then cut out round circles of wood for the wheels and paint it up to make it look more real. You could even make a great fire engine for them.Make a small dolls house for the girls. You could also whittle little toys like airplanes and boats or any other toys that kids love.
Wood alphabet blocks, and patterned jig saws. There is no limit to the different ideas you can come up with for making easy woodworking projects especially for children.
Wooden Furniture for children
Try making little stools for the kids to sit on. You can make little table and chair sets for the kids to use in there room or out under the patio.Build a little cubby house for them and paint it up.If you were to cut holes out for windows, you could fix a piece of fly wire over the windows to make it look like their own home and this would also keep the mosquitoes out.

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Wooden Toys

Here are a few suggestions to start creating:

 Wooden Children's toys

Wooden Toy Boxes




 Why not try making little gift boxes, jewelry, music boxes or tissue cover boxes. Be creative and use your imagination.


 Wood Burning Craft 

Make wooden signs and then burn different messages on them although you will need to buy a wood burning tool to do this.Again you will need to use your imagination; I have seen some great ones on my travels.Also go to a craft display and see how creative people can come up with ideas along this line.Some people cut out flowers and then burn the more intricate designs on them.

Whatever you make, I am sure the more you practice the better and more experienced you will become.Buy a few woodworking books to give you some other ideas.Then again just check out your local toy shops and see how many other wooden toys you could make in your own back yard.

Sell your great woodworking masterpieces.

 There are tons of ways to sell these little masterpieces.Sell them online through auctions like eBay, Oztion.If you are really becoming an expert at this you could use your own web page and market them online.Make sure you have a secure site for payments like PayPal.

 Markets and Garage Sales

 This is another way to show off your great creations. Make your articles to suit different times of the year like toys for Christmas. Make appropriate gifts to fit in with Mothers Day, Valentine's Day and whatever else you can think of.Like I said earlier you need to think creatively and you will come up with some ideas that no one else has made.You could even become an inventor of a new kind of toy.

If you are running out of ideas for something new to make then why not checkout some of the internet sites that allow you to download free woodworking plans for hundreds of different things to make with wood. This will make your hobby so much easier, with a good plan to use before you start, avoiding the risks of making mistakes

To do this woodwork you will also need a few woodworking tools you can even buy some of them online if you are not living in the cities or bigger shopping areas.


Thanks to Flickr.com for all pictures.


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