Finding easy work from home jobs online can be a mine field fraught with potential disaster. I think the most difficult part today, is sorting through all the lies, false promises and misinformation that is literally spewed at this group of people (those looking for legitimate online work).

I've been there. Do a search on Google for, "jobs online" and (as of the writing of this article) there were 1.64 billion responses (that's billion with a B). Even better go Google, "work from home" and you'll get 4.17 billion responses.

A bit much? That's putting it mildly.

There are waaaay to many individuals and companies out there that are looking for a quick buck and have no interest in whether YOU succeed or not. They feed you the pre-programmed information, make some lofty (if not outright untrue) promises and play the numbers game.

Everyone's familiar with the numbers game yes? There are millions of people searching for easy work from home jobs online. If they can capture even one tenth of one percent of that traffic and convert it to sales that's big business.

So how does someone sort through the muck to find the few gems that are legitimate and easy work from home jobs online? The answer is surprisingly simple, though the process has been made difficult by the sheer volume of content. In short – take the time to read reviews and articles like this one that point you towards what sounds like a legitimate opportunity and then do your homework (due diligence)!

Review the site, check their feedback, read the forums – ask other people what they know and what they think. Be objective and don't make decisions with your heart. Certainly don't be impulsive. Generally speaking you shouldn't have to pay money to accept a job online or otherwise. If someone offers you work that you have to pay for upfront – run the other way.

Instant results, get rich quick, overnight success stories do (rarely) happen but they are the exception not the rule. Though there are elements of work from jobs that are easy, they are still jobs and require work to achieve any type of success. That should be your second clue – if someone claims it's instant, fast money overnight success keep on looking.

See a pattern here? If they're asking for money up front and making outlandish promises they only have their own self-serving interests at heart. Now mind you, this isn't inherently wrong. Businesses are in business to make money but when you're looking for a business to align yourself with which would you prefer? One that is 100% self serving or one that shares its revenue and success with you? The latter is the true mark of a quality work from home online job.

Take the site you're on now, InfoBarrel is an online media site that allows users to participate and work from home by contributing articles, videos, pictures and more. They are an established company with an impeccable reputation and a very user friendly business model that allows YOU to share in their generated revenue and success.

When you publish content with InfoBarrel, ads are placed in and around your article. As people read your articles and click on the ads revenue is generated. InfoBarrel shares with you a minimum of 75% of the revenue generated from ads and up to a whopping 90% if you meet certain criteria.

In addition, InfoBarrel will place both Amazon and Chitika ad's in your articles as well (using your affiliate ID) allowing you to earn 100% of the revenue generated from these sources plus signing up for InfoBarrel is easy and free.

It's clear to see InfoBarrel is not only interested in a successful business model, but in one that has their member's interest at heart as well. Will you make instant riches over night? No. It will take time to build your success but your success is there for the taking as evidenced by the members already making hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month just from their relationship with InfoBarrel.

There is plenty of legitimate successful and easy work from home jobs online but one must leery of the multitude of illegitimate ones they will encounter. Take your time and once you've found something you like do your research before signing up. Only associate yourself with those that have a proven and verifiable history of success and collaboration with their employees/users.

It'll still take some time to sort through it all, but you'll be better off for it in the end and make some good money along the way!