When I started looking for ways to start to make money online, I kept coming back to the idea of writing. Over and over again this opportunity crossed my path until one day, I decided to get started. Honestly that is one of the days that changed my life. Over the years, I have had ups and downs writing to make money online. The one thing that has held true is that I earn every month without fail to help cover my expenses.

With that being said, it is easy to understand that I have come up with some writing tips that can help those that want to go along the path that I did. It is not easy and will not just deposit cash in your account overnight. There is a learning curve as their is with most things in this world. So lets get started.

Tip One: Just Do It

The one thing that I did wrong when I started out freelance writing was that I did too much research. Yes, you need to read and learn how to write for the Internet. However, there is such a thing as over done. I spent more time then I should have researching information that could have been spent earning.

Tip Two: Ask for Advice

There are many great people out there that are able to make money online writing. Many of these people are more then willing to share their knowledge and answer questions that might pop up as you go along. The best places to go to have this type of interaction are forums. The forum here on Infobarrel and others that writers meet up on are great places to go to get your questions answered.

Tip Three: Start Out With Upfront Earnings

When you are in the hunt to make money online, you probably need the cash like yesterday. This is why I started out writing for upfront payment through sites and private clients. This is a good way to earn and you can learn more about creating content and working with clients this way. The numbers that you see coming into your bank account are not bad either when you are doing this.

Tip Four: Build Your Own Properties

I wish I would have done this much sooner. I started writing to make money online in 2008, but I did not start to build my own web presence to earn with until over a year later. It takes time to build your own sites and blogs into earning instruments. This is why it is a good idea to start early working on it bit by bit to get your income to grow over time.

Tip Five: Diversify

Please do not rely on one source for all of your income. No matter whether you are able to make money online writing for clients, content mills, or even your own sites, having only one source is a recipe for disastor. You never know when a site or private client will change their business model. Over night you could be out a source of income that is thousands of dollars a month.