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Las Vegas weddings have many advantages!

Like most of you, our family has had the pleasure of enjoying a wide variety of weddings. In addition to all the traditional ceremonies in our local neighborhood, and a few destination weddings, we have also attended several ceremonies in Las Vegas.  

Have you ever thought about all the different choices you have when you decide to get married?  Some ceremonies may be in homes or in lovely local chapels and churches. The couple may decide to have a small, cozy family-only events while others may prefer grand events with several hundred guests. No matter where they are held, all of these ceremonies have one thing in common … someone has to plan them, pay for them, and keep things organized before and during the wedding day. Although planning, organization and money are required no matter where the wedding is held, we noticed over the years that the Las Vegas wedding packages had several advantages!

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Most of the chapels, restaurants and hotels will have everything you need to have a wonderful celebration.  However, if you wish to purchase items like invitations in advance, or you would like to bring a few wedding supplies with you, use this direct link to wedding supplies from

 You can get married whenever you want in Las Vegas

One of the first things you should know is that Las Vegas weddings are easy to arrange. In fact, compared to many other destination wedding packages, the wedding chapels there are so well organized that it is probably more important that you go ahead and make your Vegas travel arrangements before you even worry about the wedding. Simply select a hotel and arrange your travel, just as you would for any vacation. Once you’ve done that, the wedding itself will be simple. Invite whomever you wish. There are numerous inexpensive hotels where your guests may want to stay. Many people love an excuse to spend a few days in Vegas, and your wedding may be just the excuse they need!

 Uncomplicated Legal Requirements 

Nevada is one of the easiest places to get married. The man and woman must both be 18 years old, or older. If they are 16 or 17, they can still get married as long as a parent accompanies them to get their license. To obtain a license, you need to go to the Marriage License Bureau in Las Vegas and present your driver’s license, passport or similar proof of age. There is no waiting period and blood tests are not required. Any cab driver or limo driver can take you to the Marriage License Bureau, or your chapel can arrange to have a limo take you the day before your wedding.

 Las Vegas Weddings are Easy to Plan

 Once you know where you will be staying, you can contact the hotel to see if they have a chapel. A surprisingly large number of Las Vegas hotels do have their own wedding chapels. If the place where you are staying does not, there are a large number of charming wedding chapels scattered throughout city, including the famous Little White Wedding Chapel where Brittany Spears and other celebrities have gotten married. You may decide to select the Graceland Wedding Chapel for their “storybook wedding packages.” There are dozens of other choices, too. You can get a list of chapels from your hotel, or by contacting the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.

You can also purchase an inexpensive Amazon book, "Your Guide to a Fabulous Las Vegas Wedding," to get more information on the various chapels, photographers, bakeries, restaurants and much more. It is available in both Kindle and paperback editions. 

It’s also nice to know that you do not have to stay at the hotel where your wedding will be held. So, if you cannot afford to stay at the Mandalay Bay, for example, you can still get married in their lovely lakeside chapel!

 The planning itself is simple. Once you have chosen a location, call the chapel wedding planner and they will help you arrange everything for the ceremony. They will ask you questions such as:

 Do you want a minister or someone else, such as an Elvis impersonator?

Do you want photos taken?

Do you want a video?

When would you like to have your ceremony?

How many people will be attending?

Do you want the chapel to provide you with a floral bouquet? What about flowers for the bridemaids?

Once you have answered their questions, they will give you a price for the package that will meet your needs the best.

Las Vegas Weddings are Affordable

 Other than the cost of your hotel and travel, Vegas weddings can be very affordable. Even the cost of hotel and travel may be much less expensive than it would be for other destination weddings because there are frequently exceptionally good travel deals available to Vegas.

 Once you are there, many of the chapel wedding packages are available for under $300. In addition to the base price, you will also want to purchase photos and, perhaps, a video of your ceremony.

After your ceremony is over, the fun has just begun! The couple and their guests can enjoy dinner at any of hundreds of Vegas restaurants, depending on their finances and the size of their group. One of our favorite places to go after the ceremony is the restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere.  It has a spectacular view of the city and surrounding desert.

Many of the restaurants can also provide you with a cake. The restaurant meal after the wedding doubles a reception which is likely to be much cheaper than a large, sit-down dinner for everyone you know in your own hometown. Later, depending upon your family and guests, you may want to visit a night club, casino or Vegas show. You can make this part of the evening a “no host” event, if you keep to your plan of having a low-cost wedding.

Las Vegas is a Great Place to Honeymoon

In addition to the gorgeous hotels along the Vegas strip, the city is surrounded by several lovely resorts. Whether on The Strip or off it, many of the hotels and resorts have golf packages, spas, live entertainment, swimming pools, casinos and other attractions. The honeymoon suites at some of the hotels are spectacular, and romantic.

Entertainment for the Entire Family:

 During the days before and after your wedding, your family and other guests will have a wide variety of activities from which to choose. There is no reason for anyone to be bored during your wedding weekend, and you won’t feel responsible for keeping everyone busy and entertained. Among the choices are Las Vegas shows, swimming pools, shops, restaurants, roller coasters, video arcades, golf courses, museums, site seeing, and so much more! Your wedding will be one event that your guests may remember for years to come!

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A Inexpensive Book to Provide You With More Information

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