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Dieting and weight loss costs are going up all the time. It seems like everything you want to use to keep your weight under control or to actually lose some is more expensive by the day. So, many people are turning to inexpensive and natural Green tea weight loss plans to help them in their efforts to slim down. This tea, like many others, can be used with or without milk or sweeteners. For the folks who do not like the taste an extract is available.

A great many people in the world are considered overweight and at high risk for developing cardiovascular and other problems. So, when researchers found that this type of tea helps people reduce without putting pressure on the heart it made a good choice.

This research has shown that green tea should help a weight loss plan by stimulating the body's thermogenesis process. This process increases the expenditure of energy and the oxidization of fat in the body. One added benefit is green tea is known to not speed up the heart. Ephidrine, a common diet pill, is also known to help in the same process, but is much much less safe. Interestingly enough, many compounds in plants have this effect.

If you do have heart problems ephidrine is not recommended, but the use of green tea is considered safe and a viable option. This means that you can gradually increase your exercise program levels without increasing your risk of heart problems.

You should aImportantlways check with your doctor prior to starting any weight reduction program.

Should I eat more or Less?

When you consider slimming down there are really only two ways to do this. One is to reduce the amount of caloric intake or exercising to burn off more calories than you take in. A combination of both is your best bet to reduce your body weight in a safe manner. Introducing green tea into your weight loss plan may help you burn up to 4% more calories, as the research shows. Scientists believe this is caused by the high levels of catechin in the tea and its extract. Antioxidants supplied by the tea are an added benefit in that they may help you maintain health by strengthening the immune system and protecting you against disease.

This tea does contain caffeine so you may want to consider reducing your intake of other caffeinated products. Unfortunately decaffeinated green tea is not recommended because the chemical process used to remove the caffeine may destroy the beneficial properties of the plant.

Exercising can actually help you lose weight also

While you are using this plan you must also show some constraint in the amount of calories you ingest. Do not eat more than you would normally eat to maintain your current weight. If you do stay at your maintenance caloric intake the green tea should work and show a gradual weight loss providing an increase in your energy levels within a few weeks. You can boost your efforts by exercising in conjunction with a calorie decrease in your diet.

So, we know that the cost of dieting is increasing and that an inexpensive addition to a diet plan is green tea. This tea can be used just as any other tea. Research has shown that this type of tea helps people reduce without putting undue strain on their heart. Other benefits are antioxidants that may help you stay healthier. Coupled with calorie reduction and exercise you can have a speedier path to that slimmer you.

Green tea is a simple and inexpensive weight control aid that can easily be incorporated into your weight loss plan. This tea or extract offers something for everyone because it is natural and safe. Do remember to talk to your doctor before starting any weight reduction program.