Quick and easy baby gift - no problem

Knit or crochet this cutie from your yarn stash!

When knitnscribble saw this free baby blanket knitting pattern, she had to giggle, never mind that it's so stinkin' cute with its multicolor stripes, but its knit exactly the way she knits a baby blanket gift, quickly with two strands of yarn.Quick and easy baby blankets to knit or crochetCredit: Lion Brand This easy baby blanket can be made with organic cotton or a blend of washable wool and Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Yarn (140) Dusty Rose By The Each">acrylic yarn. It's a substantial baby throw and finished size is 28 x 30". The free pattern can easily be used as a guide for crocheting a baby blanket as well.

The blanket pattern also reminded the writer of a recent knitting shop visit.

Knitnscribble was just visiting in New Jersey and, of course, happened upon a yarn shop. The shop's owner was helping another customer, who hadn't knitted in years, but desperately wanted to knit two baby blankets for her twin grandsons expected in the fall.  While ravishing all the yarns in the smallish shop, knitnscribble couldn't help but overhear the sales exchange and was quite dismayed at the end result.

The purchased baby blanket pattern, extra long circular needle, and many, many skeins of costly DK yarn required hundreds of cast on stitches for one baby blanket. Just the counting would wear you out! The customer had forgotten how to cast on and had never knit with a circular needle, so the shop owner did invite her to sit down and start the blanket under her watchful eye.

The poor grandmother-to-be will be knitting all summer, far into the night to finish those baby blankets on time. Believe me, it took all kinds of inner restraint not to say to the poor woman: "Please go online, save money, and read my knitting articles!" Alas, the granny-to-be was still casting on when I left the shop.

This free pattern rated beginner from Lion Brand is  knit, using a US 10 ( 6mm) needle, casting on 70 stitches.  You can use a Boye Balene II Circular Knitting Needles 29 Inch - Size 10">29" size 10 circular or Clover Takumi Bamboo Circular 36-Inch Knitting Needles, Size 10">longer 36" circular needle as if it were  straight needles for easy management of the girth of stitches. Gauge is not really important when knitting or crocheting a baby blanket, but you can use it as a guide when measuring just how wide you want the finished size. 

Knit up a sample swatch, using your chosen two strands of yarn together, cast on about 10 stitches and knit the right side, purl the wrong side for about four inches.  Count how many inches across your 10 sts measure. If you get 4 sts to the inch, then cast on 4 sts for each inch across you desire your finished measurement to be. Length is easy, just stop knitting and cast off when you've reached your desired baby blanket size and appropriate color block finish.

The beauty of this easy baby blanket pattern lies in the color combinations of the yarns. Choose your color combinations as if it were an artist's palette. Keep knitting, have fun, and assuredly,  you'll finish on time. Find this free pattern at Lion Brand

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