Thinking of losing ten, twenty, thirty pounds, or more? Do you think that losing so much weight is difficult? If you answered yes to these questions then you should know that losing weight can be easy. With this simple weight loss guide anyone can lose the amount of weight they desire.

First step towards easy weight loss is to forget about the word "diet". This is just a temporary control of your body weight. A person on a diet may resort to drinking only water, and eating salads for a few weeks until they see results. This will probably reduce the person’s calorie intake, but eventually they will abandon their routine because they have grown tired of salads and water. Therefore instead of going on a diet, go on a lifestyle change. In this mentality you are eating foods and performing work outs that you can stick to for the rest of your life. This will indeed allow you to drop the weight and prevent it from creeping back up. With that said, lets talk about the simple techniques that will aid you in reaching your goal.

Go Brown

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Look through your kitchen cupboards or pantries, if you see white breads (this includes bagels and English Muffins) anywhere, get rid of them and go for 100% whole wheat options instead. They will keep you feeling full longer, they taste great, and they have fewer calories. So yes, you can still have breads and bagels in your lifestyle change. If you find white rice in your kitchen, ditch it for long grain brown rice. Just like the wheat breads, brown rice will keep you full longer with fewer calories. Removing white sugars and replacing them with brown will also help you reduce your weight. White potatoes provide a good source of vitamins and minerals but your calorie intake will be fewer if you have sweet potatoes instead. 

Don’t Drink On The Pounds
If you have sodas (this includes diet sodas), fruit juices, whole milk, and iced teas in your refrigerator, they will have to go. Don’t worry you will not be eliminating these items from your life completely, they will just be replaced with healthier options. Instead of using whole milk try 1% or low-fat milk. Ready made fruit juices and iced teas are not a good option. They are loaded with sugars. Water is, and always will be your best bet for a cool refreshing drink. However if you desire a fruity drink, consider buying sugar-free juice mixes and combine them with water. If the taste is not to your liking, adding a spoon or two of brown sugar will provide some sweetness to your drink without a major spike in calories. A few tea bags, some water, and brown sugar will give you a great pitcher of iced tea to enjoy. When it comes to diet sodas, they are not a healthy option simply due to the fact that they contain artificial sweeteners. In some cases these sweeteners can do more harm than regular white sugars. If you crave a bubbly beverage consider drinking seltzer water. Adding a lemon or lime will give you some flavor.

Eat Right Not Less

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With little modifications you can still enjoy your favorite foods. Broiling or baking your chicken will bring great benefits but be sure to remove the skin. Frying anything is not really advised but if you are craving fried chicken, use olive oil instead of regular oil. Turkey, sirloin steak, and fish are also great choices of protein in addition to skinless chicken. Do not forget to add some steamed vegetables or a salad alongside your protein. Food is not your enemy, as mentioned before you can still enjoy your favorite foods with minor adjustments. Lets say you are craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, feel free to have it with wheat bread. Having a cold glass of low-fat milk with that sandwich would make a delicious lunch. If you desire a hamburger, go for a meatless burger patty on a whole wheat bun. Including a glass of your home-made iced tea and a side of sweet potato fries, would provide you with a satisfying dinner. Preparing your foods with olive oil, using cooking sprays, and reducing your calorie intake is key to eating right.

Snacking Properly
In this guide snacking between meals is encouraged. Doing so will help you stay on track and keep you feeling full between meals. String cheese, raw nuts, turkey jerky, fruit, jello, baked potato chips, light air popped popcorn, yogurt, and even dark chocolate are good items to munch on. Placing a hand full of nuts and a hand full of dried fruits in a zip lock bag will give you a great on the go snack.

Get Moving
You do not have to spend hours in the gym doing brutal workouts to get in shape. Beginning your day with a thirty minute walk will also provide you with great benefits. No time for a walk in the morning? Then take one after lunch or dinner. The point here is to find time to improve your body. If walking is boring for you, than play a sport, swim, ride a bike, dance, use an exercise machine, do any physical activity that will have you moving for thirty minutes. Doing this everyday and eating right will provide you with results.

Tips To Keep You Going

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Placing a calendar in your room and crossing off the days that you did some physical activity and ate healthy, will keep you motivated. If you haven't moved for thirty minutes or ate properly do not cross that day off.  For example, if you ate right and exercised on Monday, on Tuesday morning you would cross Monday off your calendar. The goal is to get more days per week and per month crossed off. The calendar is a great way for you to keep track of your progress. Weigh yourself and measure your waistline once a week. Mark it on the calendar so you can see how far you have come.

The Right Mindset

You should realize that you did not gain weight over night and so you will not lose it over night. The most important thing to remember is that with consistency the results will come. Following this weight loss guide will allow you to lose a few pounds a week. It may seem like a long road, but remember that every day you are moving closer to your goal. In addition, remember that before starting any new weight loss program, or new exercise routine, you should consult your doctor. Stretching before and after your physical activity is a good way to prevent injuries, and doing so will also make you a little more flexible.

So there you have it, a simple guide that can help you go a long way. Good luck, and never give up.

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