Is it easy to build small log cabins?

It is not easy to build small log cabins. There are a few things to think about before you start to build small cabins. The first thing to get in order is the size of the cabin. What size is the area of ground is this going to sit on?

The second thing is the location so you know exactly what type of wood you will need to use. Are you going to build this log cabin yourself? If so, make sure you have enough logs on the property to complete the project. Getting started and finding out you need 25 to 30 logs and only having 20 could become a problem. So knowing the dimensions of what you want is necessary.

There is another option to cutting down the trees and putting a cabin together, there is a pre built cabin on the market today. Is the purpose of the cabin going to be an all year home or is it going to be an extra small hunting cabin? Another item to consider is the amount of money you want to invest. Available on the market today is low price hunting cabins. From the simple to extravagant, this is all up to your needs and wants. You can start with a low price of $7,000, this is again, a starting price for a simple 12x12 cabins. 

If planning to build an extra small hunting cabin, how and where do you start? First have an idea of what size you need like any other cabin. A hunting cabin only needs a bedroom, kitchen, living room, bathroom, dining can take place in the kitchen or living room. Either you can use logs or you can use slabs. Making the decision on the materials is your preference, be sure to insulate the walls and seal the outside to protect it from the elements. Of course, if you were building an extra small hunting cabin in the woods you would not want it to stand out. The point is hunting and being sight unseen. However, there are some small hunting cabins are built out of materials to stand out and be a beautiful weekend get away. 

Now if getting a saw and hammer out is not your cup of tea, yet you want a nice log cabin and still want to do it yourself. The pre built cabins may be what you are looking for. These cabins come with everything you need to put a cabin together with out using a saw. Everything comes pre cut and numbered so it is like putting together a model car or a tent. Piece each piece together and you have a home that is ready to move in. Of course, it is not going to be easy to build small log cabins. No matter if it is a small hunting cabin or its pre built cabins they will both take time and energy. So take your time and make it the place you are satisfied and happy.