Clay Maple Leaf Frame

Maple Leaf Frame (39307)

A casual cottage chic decorating craft idea. Easy to make by creating leaves out of clay.

Materials needed;

1-8-inch x 10-inch wooden frame with a 5-inch x 7-inch opening
Small maple leaf rubber stamp
1.75 pound box of Polymer clay in white
Acrylic paints in jade green and light buttermilk (Deco Art-Americana colors)
Thickening medium
Pattern paper edgers (Michael's, with scrap-booking supplies)
# 8 round paint brush
Thick glue (Elmer's craft glue works well)
Rolling pin, wax paper, cookie sheet, paper towels, scissors, oven, and water

Maple Leaf Stamps (39264)


Step 1...Knead a ball of the clay and roll out on some wax paper until it is about 1/8-inch thick. Press the maple leaf stamp into the clay and then pull straight up, keeping the impressed design intact. Carefully peel the clay leaf off the wax paper. Now, cut around stem using the scissors and the paper edgers. You will need to make 20 leaves to finish the frame.

Roll out Clay

Roll out clay

Step 2...When all the leaves are made place them on a cookie sheet, arranging each one three-dimensionally in a different shape,(by this I mean don't let them be just flat, make each one look as natural as possible). and bake @ 275 degrees for 10 minutes. Let cool completely

Stamp onto Clay

Step 3...Dilute one part jade green paint with one part water, mix well. Brush this diluted paint on the leaves, one at a time, and quickly wipe off any excess paint from the surface with a slightly damp paper towel. Leave the paint in the crevices. Repaint leaves in areas and wipe off again so that some areas are darker.

Step 4...Mix one part thickening medium with one part light buttermilk paint. With the round bristle brush drab unevenly on the frame to create a textured look. Let dry.

Step 5...Paint the frame with the diluted jade green paint and wipe off the same way as with the leaves.

Step 6...Arrange the leaves in all directions around the picture frame, using seven on each side and three on the top and bottom. Glue to secure. Let dry. (can coat with varnish if you want, be sure everything is totally dry first).