With the cost of just about everything rising, your grocery bill has grown to enormous proportions. Just by shopping and buying the things that you usually do, your grocery bill has probably more then doubled in the last couple of months. No fear. There is something that you can do about it now. You can use these easy to use tips to save money on groceries starting today.

Tip One

Keep a grocery list on the fridge that can be updated as you use items up. This is a great way to make sure that you only buy the things that you need when you head to the grocery store. Impulse buys are one of the biggest traps when it comes time to save money on groceries. By keeping a running list, you will also avoid buying items that you already have.

Tip Two

Read through the grocery sales ads each week to see what store is running the best promotions on the items that you need to buy. Sales vary greatly from grocery to store to grocery store. To save money on groceries, it is important to do some comparison shopping before you hit the store.

Tip Three

Clip coupons from the local newspapers as well as the many online coupon sites. This will help you to save money on groceries that you have to buy. Make sure that you clip any coupon that you think you may need over the time until the coupon expires. You can save the coupons that you clip and use them when the need arises.

Tip Four

Eat a small snack before you head out to the grocery store. If you are hungry while shopping, you will be more likely to toss items that are not on the grocery list into your cart. This needs to be avoided at all costs if you want to save money on groceries.