1. Build lean muscles. Muscles are the single most important factor influencing your metabolism as you grow older. So doing simple workouts will increase the burning power of your body, and your metabolism will stay pumped for several hours after working out!

2. Cardio workouts are just as important as lifting too! A minimum of 30-60 minute work outs 3 times a week is essential in keeping the metabolism at its best. This can include brisk walking, jogging, running, biking, etc. Anything that gets your heart rate up!

3. Eat! Contrary to what you may think, restricting what you eat actually slows your metabolism. It has been scientifically proven that eating 4-6 smaller meals a day does aid in increasing the metabolic rate.

4. Nix sugar, when you do eat more, you still need to eat healthy. By restricting your sugar intake, your metabolism switches to its internal fat storage for fuel, in other words, you burn the fat that your body doesn't need and keep your sugar levels lower!

5. Don't skip breakfast, on top of the fact that it improves your mental sharpness, it also kick-starts your metabolism after sleeping.

6. Eat hot foods.. no not temperature hot.... spicy foods!! Peppers and spices that are hot tend to effect the metabolism in a good way!

7. Green tea, caffeine in coffee and nicotine in cigarettes so have positive effects on your metabolism, but they can effect you negatively in other ways. Green tea has the same metabolic stimulant with no negative effects!!

8. Drink plenty of water, keeping yourself hydrated washes away toxins that effect how your body works.

9. Avoid un-needed stress. Stress triggers the release of Cortisol a steroid in the body that causes weight gain around your stomach area.

10. Sleep! This step is VITAL to keep any part of your body healthy! Its recommended that everyone get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Not just sleep, good sleep. So research ways to help you fall asleep, and look for ways to manage your time so that you DO have time to sleep 8 hours!!

Tips: Try waking up earlier and excersicing, in addition to jump starting your metabolism, it will also jump start your brain for the day! Also, never starve yourself or excercise too much just to lose weight, its a gradual proccess!