There are tons of ways to increase brain power, now by applying the steps below  into your life you will see mental changes in a matter of days and live a healthier life style.

1.  Use mind calming techniques.

It is important to keep a silent and calm mind which is free of anger, stress and worry. This is because negative emotional states are a good way to cloud the mind of the clear thought it requires to think properly. It also allows thoughts of inspiration to become more easily recognized. An example of a good technique would be to maintain a good posture, and to practise deep breathing throughout your day. This is a simple step, we know, but it will have a profound effect on the quality of your thoughts.

2. Be a positve thinker.

When you think positively, you are helping your mind to seek out opportunity and see the abundance in life, instead of the lack. This will therefore help you to focus on solutions in a situation as opposed to problems. So when you look at a complex mental task, you should look at finding the solutions, instead of worrying about how complicated the problem is and getting bogged down this way. This is a simple step, but it will have a profound effect on the number of mental problems you can solve and how efficiently your brain runs.

3. Put ideas down on paper.

When you begin to write things down, you are using the creativity parts of your brain which will help you to generate even more ideas about the idea or situation in question. From this, you gain an additional perspective which may lead to profound insights or solutions to the situation at hand. Also, writing your ideas down is the best practice you can have, because it promotes self discipline of the body and mind. When you can learn to effectively discipline your body and mind, you will have control over it, and your life. Your life is controlled by the way you use your body and mind.

4. Use your time more efficiently.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and some of us will make maximum use of this time by moving towards our goals, and investing the needed time and energy towards them.  By using your time wisely, you can therefore extract much more from your mind, and make your mind efficient. When you use your time wisely, you are building the discipline to get on with the important things you need to perform to achieve your objectives, and make your mind more responsive to your commands for even more efficiency.

5. Change your beliefs system.

When we believe a particular thing about a situation , we will tend to automatically see things from the perspective that the belief is true. In other words, what you believe, you will see as being true no matter what. So using this, if you believe that you are intelligent, smart and mentally sharp, you will become it. When you believe that you can do a certain thing with all sincerity and strength of faith, you will do it. The actual reasons for this are extremely complex yet profound to enhance our lives: basically, your beliefs can very easily penetrate the deeper subconscious mind, so we only see the world as being true dependant on our beliefs. To create mental efficiency is therefore about believing the right things  to promote these things in our life. If instead you believe you are absolute  failure in life , then you're a failure in life. You see how that works ?