EatSmart Digital Weight Scale


Easy to read
Large LCD backlit display
Easy to clean
Neutral colors go with any decor
Can hold up to 330 pounds (or 150 kgs)
Batteries included
Measures in pounds, kilograms and/or stones
Affordable - retails for under $30


If socks aren't worn during weighing, the scale may require cleaning because of sweaty or dirty feet
Comes with a sticker attached to the scale itself that is not easily removed - see photo (could also just leave it on)

Full Review

I currently have 3 bathroom scales in my home, the latest addition being the EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale. The exact model number is actually ESBS-01.

The very first bathroom scale I ever purchased was a cheap analog scale. I found it a pain because the readout isn't real easy to read and I was having to constantly recalibrate it by turning a little dial. That little dial is of great interest to my small children and they would always play with it. So I then decided to purchase a fairly cheap digital scale. I'm not even sure what brand that one is but I liked it much better than the analog scale. Then recently I got the EatSmart digital scale and it is my favorite scale of the 3 that I own. Now the analog scale is in my children's bathroom and they can recalibrate it as much as they'd like.

Using the EatSmart Digital Scale

The scale is battery operated and includes the 4 AAA batteries that it needs to operate. All you have to do is insert the batteries on the bottom side of the scale and the compartment door doesn't even require a screwdriver, it just snaps into place. Also on the bottom side is a little switch where you can set the unit of measure you'd like to use. You can choose from pounds, kilograms or stones. Then place the scale on a flat, hard surface. It doesn't work very well on carpeted floors so this may be something to think about if your bathroom happens to be carpeted.

Tap the scale somewhat firmly with your foot and wait for it to display 0.0. This tells you that it's ready. Then simply step up onto the scale with both feet centered and stand as still as you can until it displays your results. The result will display within seconds so it doesn't take too long at all.

What I Like About the EatSmart Digital Scale

The EatSmart is incredibly simple to use and the display is easy to read. The backlit LCD display is actually a bright blue color which I really love. It makes it easy to see results even in the dark. The scale is made of glass, which makes it look really modern. The glass also makes it really simple to clean.

My Only Gripe

The big, ugly red sticker that is affixed to the scale, which is made of glass. I think it looks tacky but I have yet to remove it because it's going to require a bit of effort.

In Closing

Overall, I highly recommend the use of the EatSmart digital weight scale. The positives that stem from the use of this scale far outweigh any of the negatives in my personal opinion.