A visit to Las Vegas is often times filled with a lot of food. All over the city you have numerous buffet options as well as gourmet dining. Most people don't visit Nevada for experiencing gourmet dining, although it does exist. Instead the visitors rely on the numerous buffets. And Las Vegas has everything from extravagant to cheap and dirty buffets. All are very reasonably priced.

One of the major reasons many people visit Las Vegas is in fact to enjoy the various food offers. In this city you can even find an 'all day buffet', where you pay a set price, and for that price you can eat all your meals on that day. If you're not in the mood for a 'all day booking' then you can still eat cheaply with special offers, such as the for 99 prime rib dinner which you can find downtown.

Las Vegas is a unique destination, and you can find many cheap places. However, it does not mean that anything is missing. A great example of this is the Sam's town, where on Saturday nights at Sam's town they have a super offer. It is a prime rib buffet $14.99, in spite of the low price, they have all the food options available. But Sam's is one of the best and cheapest food buffets available in Las Vegas on every Saturday night.

You will spend a lot more than $14.99 on a prime rib dinner back home. However, in Vegas you can find many buffets for  $14.99 but my personal choice is a Sam's town prime rib buffet on Saturday nights. Las Vegas is a cheap town to stay in, but it can also get expensive. So you will save a lot if you plan out your meals in advance, and use coupons, and watch out for recommended days. By doing this you can get a lot of food. Enjoying cheap, but quality food and big portions.

If you are on a diet you might not be spending hours at one of the 'all you can eat' buffets. You can easily eat healthy in Vegas, but the buffets are so much fun, and tempting stockpiled with deserts, full of pizza in crime-ridden neighborhoods, and even caviar and sushi can be found in some of the buffets.

If I can choose to only do one activity in Vegas it would be the buffets. Gambling is a lot of fun but when you go to a buffet you are a guaranteed winner all the time. If you really want to be a cheapskate you can even carry a big purse and sneak some of the goodies out to snack on later. Between the free drinks at the casino and a big purse you can easily eat only one cheap buffet per day and never be hungry when you go to sleep.

A trip to Vegas does not have to be expensive and you truly want to be cheapskate in Las Vegas you can do it. Some young guys will actually go to Vegas and see how little they can spend more doing as much as they can.

If you're going to go to visit Las Vegas and spend some time then you definitely need to eat at some of the buffets. No trip to Vegas is complete before you have tried at least one of the splendid buffets.