I bet you didn't know this, but to lose fat you have to eat fat. That's right by consuming the right kind of fat will help dramatically when trying to lose body fat. Let's look into this a little closer. Some dieters, who are trying to lose weight, will totally eliminate fat from their diet plans. This is so foolish, the human body need dietary fat to function correctly. A reduction in dietary fat can also play havoc with a person's hormones which can lead to a slower metabolism, which will also slow down fat loss.

Eat Fat To Lose FatEating fat will ensure that your hormones are regulating correctly, if your hormone production is out of balance. Which it will be if you eliminate fat from your diet, then your body will not be able to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Which is needed for a fast metabolic rate, which allows for increased fat loss.

Lean muscle mass simply put, burn calories 24 hours a day. If you are eating a diet with low fat or no fat at all then you will have a very difficult time building or even maintaining muscle mass. If you are looking to lose fat, then you have to eat fat to lose fat. But like everything else, it has to be done in moderation and done healthily. Try to consume around 20% of your daily calorie intake in fats. Good sources of fats are salmon, mackerel and nuts such as Brazil nuts and almonds.

Eating dietary fats is also said to increase testosterone, which as most of us already know is fantastic for building muscle and losing body fat. If you are on a no fat diet plan, then you are already making life hard on yourself on your fat loss journey. There is around 8 calories in one gram of fat, so you will not need to consume many grams to make up the 20%. Personally I like to start my day off with a breakfast which is rich in complex carbs, high in protein and contain healthy fats. A good example of this is Weetabix mixed with ground flaxseed, milk and a whey protein shake.

A good tip if you are considering this breakfast choice, flaxseed is very high in omega 3 fats and is sold in seed or ground seed form which is a lot more expensive. To save yourself money buy flaxseed in seed form and grind the seed yourself using a coffee grinder which you can pick up from your local shopping mall for around 10 dollars.

Losing fat is easy when you are doing the right things and adding healthy fats into your diet plan is definitely one of them. You will be surprised at just how many people are on no fat diet plans and complain when they are not losing fat. The bottom line is, you have got to eat fat to lose fat its as simple as that, I know it sounds silly, but when you look into it scientifically you know that it makes perfect sense.

If you are currently on a no fat diet plan, and would like to start adding more fat to your diet plan. I suggest you do a bit of research online first to find out exactly what fats you need to be adding into your diet plan. One fat that you do not want to be eating are trans fats, these are killers. So do your research and only add healthy fats into your diet and make sure that you ever consume more than 20% of your daily calorie needs in fat.