Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Without breakfast you may not be able to perform as accurately as you would like to during the day. Your breakfast should be a healthy one. A pop tart or a breakfast burrito from a fast food joint does sound delicious but also contains a lot of unnecessary fat. It also doesn't have any of the vitamins that you need to kick start your day. A bowl of cereal with milk is the perfect breakfast. Add a glass of orange juice to your meal to raise your blood sugar and calcium that you need. Breakfast is the most important time of the day to get your energy going so it can help you get through your day of work or school.

Pack a Ziploc bag full of vegetables and fruits as a snack during the day. Whether you are at work or at home you should make sure you eat your fruits and vegetables as a snack. One cup of whichever you choose is the perfect amount. If you do not care for vegetables or fruit try different ways of eating them. Although eating raw fruits and vegetables are the healthiest way to eat them, it is understandable if you just cannot stand the taste. Try blending your fruit up into a smoothie, and adding milk. Keep in mind that milk contains a lot of fat and it is important to limit yourself. In other words, don't try fattening milk for every meal of your day. You can also try dipping your vegetables in a dresser. Some people love ranch dressing while others prefer Caesar. The choice of eating your snack is yours.

For lunch make yourself a sandwich fresh from your home. Instead of spending money on going out for lunch you can easily make a lunch to go. Your own lunch meat, fresh cheese, lettuce and mayo are so much healthier for you then throwing a frozen meal into the microwave. Using wheat bread is also much healthier for you than using white bread. You should try to get into the habit of using wheat or whole grain bread. The sandwich store near your work is not only expensive, but it also isn't made with the healthiest ingredients possible. Eating out also takes away from your lunch break. This causes you to eat fast, which is not healthy.

For a snack in between lunch and dinner choose a healthy snack again. You could choose the opposite of what you had as a morning snack (fruit or vegetables). Another good choice would be crackers or cheese. Replace the Oreo cookies or bag of chips you would normally have sitting at your desk with a bag of crackers. Not only are cookies not good for you, but the serving size is very small. For an example, you could have 3 cookies or 15 crackers. Remind yourself that if you eat healthier you will be able to have more in a serving.

Dinner is the last meal for you of the day. Be sure that it is filled with great minerals and vitamins. Milk is a great choice for a drink as it contains the calcium that you need. Fish and chicken are two healthy main dishes for you to eat. As long as the chicken is not fried and the fish has been well cleaned and cooked properly, choosing one of these is a great meal for you. You can cook your chicken in the oven or on the grill without breading to make this extremely healthy. Instead of adding fries to go with your meal, substitute them with fresh vegetables. If you feel this isn't enough to fill you up, add a salad to go with your meal. Salads are very healthy for you and could also be used as your main meal. Instead of making a small salad to go with your chicken, grill some chicken to go with your salad. Have a large salad as your main meal and slice a chicken breast into it.

By following this ideal menu for one day you will be on your way to eating healthy. Drink water throughout the day. If you choose to have orange juice for breakfast and milk for dinner then it is a great idea to have water every time you are thirsty during the day. Water is the best way to hydrate yourself and will keep you healthy and will help you lose weight the easiest. If trying to lose weight or wanting to maintain your weight, you should never eat more than you feel you can. It is okay if you don't eat everything on your plate. Eating small snacks throughout the day is much more important than eating as much as you can for one meal. Remember that it is not a race to finish. In fact, eating slowly has been proven to help you lose weight. It gives you the chance to digest your food properly. It is also beneficial to eat as much organic food as you can. Yes, organic food is expensive but it helps keep you in great health. When trying to maintain your weight it is helpful to buy healthy food for the entire family. If you are the only one trying to stay healthy in your family it is not going to work. Chances are other family members will list chips, cookies and soda on your grocery list. When shopping walk past these foods and into a healthier aisle. It is important to resist the temptation that you may have when trying to eat healthy. Ask for motivation from your family members and also encourage them to eat healthy.

The example of the meal provided is not the only healthy plan out there. There are plenty of different food you could find for breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner that are extremely healthy for you. Overall, eating healthy is pretty easy and you are on your way to feeling better about yourself.