When it comes to reviewing a budget and making cuts, lots of folks look at their eating habits. This includes eating out and eating at home. There is a way to eat healthier with less cost. It is possible to eat healthy while saving money.

Eating out is a reduction in money going out the door adjusted with ease. However, when reviewing what we cook and eat at home it becomes a little more difficult. Most of us are willing to cut the cost of the grocery bill, but we still want to eat healthy. There are ways to lower costs and still eat the right foods by finding foods friendlier to our wallet and our bodies at the store.

Finding ways to increase nutrition and reduce the money we spend at the store is possible with the following tips and techniques;

White potatoes

Potatoes are a staple found in a lot of grocery carts. Avoid the boxed type of these supplements and go with the bag of real potatoes. Try mashing them or add a little garlic, onion or milk for a delicious addition to lunch or dinner.

Although they receive a bad reputation for a number of reasons, when you avoid saturating them with toppings which include things like cheeses or butter they are actually on the good side of diets. All by themselves they are great.

They are fat-free and chocked full of Vitamin C and potassium. Anyone searching for low sodium need look no further than the potato. Fiber and low sodium are great for the heart.

Boxed potatoes, like the scallop variety, are full of bad things for the heart. They are high in sodium and the big no-no, saturated fat. A bag of potatoes cost as much on average as a box of scalloped ones.


Eggs are wonderful for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Most families will substitute this quick and easy meal for something like fried franks. Boiling an egg instead of a hot dog is much healthier.

Eggs are full of protein. Two of them add as much protein as a single beef frank. Skipping the beef frank will also leave out the sodium and saturated fat they bring to the table.

Imagine eggs boiled, scrambled or even in an omelet every once in a while instead of a couple of beef franks. Your body will thank you for it, especially your heart. Your wallet will also be grateful for the changes you make by saving more money.


Tuna comes in a couple of variations. You can buy it in oil, water or even minus both. If you prefer the canned variety, choose packaging in water. Most folks would rather have a hamburger instead of a tuna sandwich. However, tuna is better for you and less expensive than a grilled beef patty.

Tuna is fish and one of the healthiest additions to make to the diet. With the amount of omega 3 fats and no saturated fats this little can of fish is an ideal foodstuff. One patty of beef holds as much as 230 calories while tuna brings in a whopping 50. You cannot get better for a lunch sandwich.

It goes without saying a can of tuna is less expensive than a beef patty cooked at home or eaten out. Saving money while grocery shopping is an added benefit to a healthier body.

Vegetable juice

Fruit juice appears to be a nice additive for the shopping list. However, veggie juice is better. One of the things vegetable juice gives us that fruit juice doesn’t is antioxidants. These are wonderful for the body for getting rid of toxins.

Fruit juice has added calories your body can do without along with added sugars which are bad for us. There are veggie juice brands with low sodium if you want to avoid adding more to a diet.


Peanuts hold lots of protein. Even the salted types are better for you than sweet and salty granola bars. With no added sugar, peanuts are a better addition to the diet than what we discover in granola bars with salt and sugar.

If you are searching for something to snack on, choose peanuts instead of granola bars.

In conclusion

There are ways to add a variety of choices to what we eat that make us healthier and won’t break the bank. Think about shopping a little differently the next outing and bringing back more benefits to the table and your body. In the long run your health and wallet will be grateful for it. You can eat more healthy foods and save money doing it.