The digestive process deals damage to the human body. The more that you need to digest throughout the day, the less healthy and energetic you’ll be. It has been shown in labs that mice that eat more food live less. It’s better to get a few too few calories then a few too many. Considering the rate of obesity rising throughout the world this has become very unnatural. Humans are consuming thousands more calories than they need every day. That means that the digestive process is slowly dealing more and more damage to the body. Do you want to know how to eat less while losing weight and increasing energy?

Set Yourself Up To Win

If you want to do anything in life then don’t give yourself options to fail. Fill your house with healthy foods that you should eat and remove anything that is unhealthy and has excessive calories. It’s better to be prepared than to be disciplined. Having unhealthy options in your house make this process a lot harder than it has to be. When reducing your calories you need to make sure that you get the most dense forms of nutrition possible like vegetables. If those are the only thing available then it won’t even be a problem to eat them. Focus on eating around 25% less calories each day.

Change Your Schedule

While reducing calories it can be difficult to make it through the day without changing your eating schedule. Instead of eating three meals a day, you should focus on eating something small every few hours. This shouldn’t all be sit down meals. If possible just eat the food quickly in between other tasks to start. This helps keep you full while not reminding yourself that you’re restricting calories. You can even give up full meals completely if you are comfortable enough with it. The less time you have to think about food the better.

Be Consistent

With that in mind, the best way to start a calorie restricted diet is through consistency. You want to eat the same things that you enjoy day after day. This allows you to enjoy the meals while keeping track of exactly what goes into your body. This reduces the chance that small things will interfere with your results. Things like going to a restaurant should be avoided for the first few weeks. This allows nothing to get in the way of proper calorie estimation. It often helps to keep a food journal to track the calories consumed. Once you’re aware of where the calories come from you’ll be that much more able to prevent them.

Calorie restriction can be amazing for someone’s health. Some suggest that it might add 30 to 40 more years to the end of a life. Stories are often told about how much more energy they have after reducing the number of calories consumed. With less digestive processes running the results are often clear within days of living with calorie restriction. Find out for yourself by trying it with yourself. Your energy levels will probably reduce in the short term. That is natural. You should begin seeing results in the second or third week. As with any diet change, consult a doctor first.