Scientists have found that consuming more vegetables and fruits may help in quitting smoking.

Whenever you experience the urge to light up a cig could eating an apple or a tomato help you tolerate the nicotine craving?

Stop smoking eating fruits

The answer would be‘Yes’! The latest studies show that tobacco consumers, who try eating more vegetables and fruits, could have a higher likelyhood in overcoming their smoking habit successfully.

As the results of a recent research confirmed, consumers of tobacco products, especially cigarettes, who ate vegetables and fruits more than 4 times daily, were 3 times more likely to give up smoking in 12 months, versus peers who consumed vegetables and fruits less than two times each day.

During the study , which incompassed 1,000 adult smokers aged between 25 and 50, participants had to complete surveys regarding their tobacco consumption habits and consumption of fruits and veggies. After that, the scientists asked them again 12 months later if they managed to stop smoking over the last month.

The results of the survey were persistent and repetitive, even after adjusting for age, gender, race, ethnicity and level of education, family income, environment and other factors of overall health orientation. The respondents who ate more fruits and vegetables also posted lower level of addiction to nicotine, as they were less likely to light up first cigarette in 30 minutes after waking up or smoking more than 20 cigarettes per day.

Previous studies have concluded that smokers are likely to eat fewer quanitities of fruits and vegetables than non-smokers. It means that the newest study has confirmed that particular foods actually make cigarettes taste worse – among them there are vegetables, fruits, milk and other dairy products – in contrast to alcohol, red meat and coffee, which can improve cigarette taste, making it richer and bolder.

Furthermore, studies consider that cravings for nicotine and food might be associated and even mixed up with each other. Thus, scientists suggest that maintaining a diet based on higher fiber consumption could eventually make you feel satiated and help to prevent the development of the confusion between cravings.

Nevertheless, in reality people who like eating healthier foods, like fruits and vegetables, are more likely to care about their health and thus, have higher likeability to give up smoking or even never start.


If you are trying to overcome nicotine cravings, rising consumption of vegetables, fruits or dairy products may assist in beating the urge to light up a cigarette. Anti-smoking treatments and medical assistance can definitely play an important role in helping you quit smoking, but opting for healthier nutrition would be a great start to the tobacco-free life as well.