Eating fruits and vegetables seems to get harder and harder every day. We are inundated with what I call food porn. Cooking shows like MasterChef and Great American Baking Competition make food look so good you want to smack your momma (sorry mom). Food network shows like Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives (aka Triple D) and The Best Thing I Ever Ate make you want to go running to the nearest restaurant.

With so much delectable food in sight at every turn and our obesity rates thru the roof, we must make a conscious effort to eat healthier. But don’t worry. It’s not as hard as u think! Just follow my three simple tips for getting more fruits and vegetables in your diet.


1)      Veg up your Eggs

Whether you have them as an omelet or scrambled, eggs provide an easy vehicle to up your vegetable intake. For instance, you can add onions, spinach and tomatoes to your eggs easily. With the onion you might want to soften them with a little olive oil and cooking spray on low heat. To save time in the mornings, chop your onions the night before and put them in a glass container and then the next day throw them in the frying while you’re preparing the eggs and other vegetables.


The tomatoes are good cooked a little because that releases lycopene. But they are also delicious chopped and sprinkled on top of the eggs fresh. It depends on what you like best as to what you should do. Perhaps you should cook the tomatoes both ways.


Whatever vegetables and fruits you choose you know it will make your breakfast healthier and heartier


2)      Put them in your sauces

Putting fruits and vegetables in your sauces is a delicious way to bulk up the fiber and nutrition in your diet. Something I like to do for my tomato sauces is first get tomatoes from my garden if I have any and blanch them and remove the skins. Then I crush them and cook them to make a sauce. There you have your fruit.


Then you have your pick of vegetables to put in there. I enjoy zucchini (cook them down a little before you put it in the sauce or it will take forever to cook once it’s in there). Spinach, broccoli, grated carrots, and onions are also tasty options.



3) Drink Your Fruits and Vegetables

If you are having a hard time fitting in those 6 to 8 servings of fruits and veggies a day, drinking them is a great way to get more of them. Don’t be scared of this concept. You can get a serving or two of greens in a smoothie and not even taste it because of the sweetness of the fruit. I like to put grapes and apples in my smoothies to make them taste really good. Adding a half of a pear adds a refreshing quality to smoothies, as well.


Now keep in mind if you juice these fruits and vegetables then u won’t get the fiber and roughage like u would if u ate them whole. An alternative would be to use a Nutribullet which pulverizes the fruits and veggies so that it is smooth to drink and still keeps the fiber intact. According to the company, it extracts the nutrients from the fruits and veg so that it is more available for your body to use. I know for me it gives me energy and when I don’t have it, my energy is noticeably lacking.


These three tips are great ways to start enjoying more fruits and vegetables in your diet. If you not a veggie lover, try these methods and see if you can start seeing the benefits that these nutrient dense foods can bring into your life.

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