Eating out at fast food restraints can get expensive but here are some ways you can eat out at fast food restaurants and still save some money.


Many fast food restaurants either mail out coupons. You can also food fast food restaurant coupons in the Sunday newspaper with all the other coupons. Eating only at fast food restaurants that you have coupons for can save you some money when eating out.

Fast Food Burger and FriesShare a Meal

It may cheaper to buy a double cheeseburger and cut it in half and share it with your partner as opposed to buying two single cheeseburgers.

Value Menu

Many fast food restaurants including Wendy's and McDonald's offer a value menu. You can get double cheeseburgers and other items that are generally a little smaller than the regular priced menu items but with such a cheap variety you can easily afford to buy more than one and still save money.

Portion Size

Most fast food restaurants allow you to "upsize" a combo meal and receive a larger drink and fry. Consider how hungry you really are. If you are not extremely hungry then save the extra 80 cents or so.


Soda Pop is a money maker for fast food restaurants. If you can either skip the soda pop or at least buy a soda pop from a gas station or convenience store where you can get one for less money. You can also order a cup of water and generally pay only 20 cents or so for the water. Skip the soda pop or buy one elsewhere and you can save money when you eat out at fast food restaurants.


Sometimes a special posted on the billboard at a fast food restaurant will have a great sale but other times it will simply be a product that the fast food restaurant earns a high mark up on. Look at the special posted and decide for yourself if it is truly a great deal. If it looks like a good bargain then order up. Image Credit: (Flickr/ebruli)