• Great job in capturing the chaos of India
  • Beautiful cinematography in the Bali scenes.
  • The scene in Italy at the barber shop was the best in the film.


  • What was the focus of the movie? I still can't figure it out. The director had thesis ADD.
  • Complete injustice to the book

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Eat Pray Love Review

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Eat Pray Love failed to capture my attention, emotions, and sense of humor. I felt the director jumped between location, plot, and sub-plot far too frequently to fully identify his thesis.

This movie was a solid hour too long and completely predictable. The plot was poorly spliced together and fell short of truly articulating the crux of the book. It failed to be a story about a woman on a journey through life and more closely resembled a journey through life taken by a woman.

I did not understand the directors use of each sub-story (Eat, Pray, Love) as it fit into the whole work. It could have easily been titled Italy, India, Bali as the director succeeded in capturing the locations better than the stories and people at them.

The "Eat" portion set in Italy was disappointing as it hardly featured the best food that Italy has to offer. Although I will give them props on the fired zuchini blossoms, they missed out on so much more. The worst part was the "muffin top" pizza scene. That pretty much put me over the edge for the entire movie. Not only is Julia Roberts' character uninspirational and rambling during her dialogue describing why her acquaintaince should eat a whole pizza, but also it is a disgrace to the Italian food culture whereby enjoyment is not measured by gluttonous fullfillment.

The "Pray" portion was only helped along by the hilarious Texan friend she met while hanging out at the guru's site. The guy was hilarious. His line about how big the mosquitoes are in India was priceless. His character lost face with me after they ran it through the coals with that awful melodramatic roof scene where he details his alcoholism; then once he gets that off his chest he is healed and ok to go home!? What was that?

Bali was a joke. Her lover was a great character and I thought the specificities of his character were some of the few of the movie that were adding value to the character. The scene where she gets a bunch of loot for her doctor was completely unecessary and poorly done.

The most disappointing aspect of this movie was a toss up between the thirty or so middle aged divorced women watching the movie alone and crying the whole time in the audience and the "Eat" part of the film. I was certain going into this movie that at least the "Eat" part would win me over, but that, too, failed.

In Closing

I think it is best if you pass on this movie. I wouldn't even rent it when it comes out on DVD. I went to see it to add some content to my blog and could barely sit through it.