The whole process of dinner can be so arduous at times. First you cook the meal, then you set the table, then you eat the meal, then you clear the table, then you wash the dishes, then you put the dishes away, and then you repeat the whole process ad nausea. Wouldn't it be so much simpler if you took that whole middle portion completely out of the equation? What if you could eat dinner without ever dirtying a single plate?

Some cultures in India and Ethiopia have figured out a perfect method for eating dinner that requires absolutely no plates at all. They've come up with one of the best round kitchen table ideas in the world. They turn their dinner table into a giant round bowl, protect it against the food by covering the bowl with butcher's paper, and eat food with their hands and some tortillas. They never have to wash dishes other than the ones they cook with and they experience a much closer relationship with both their food and the people they eat it with because they are all sitting at and sharing one gigantic bowl.

Ethopian Style Round Kitchen TableThink about how much time you would save every day if you didn't have to prep and wash dishes after every meal. On average we probably spend twice as much time cleaning up after dinner than we spend preparing it and that time could be better spent reading a book or going out on the town. Instead of buying a new set of dishes and silverware you should think like the Ethiopians and turn your round kitchen table into a massive communal bowl.

Ethiopian Round TableThe only problems that will arise are based on the food you prepare. You can't expect to eat every kind of food out of one giant bowl all the time so you have to plan your meals accordingly. When your tabletop is a recessed bowl it would be hard to eat things like spaghetti and meatballs with the family because everyone would be digging into each other's dish but for things like curries, tacos, and anything else you might eat with a tortilla the concept is golden.