Sweet Potatoes and Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes are not just for Thanksgiving dinner. People who want to lose weight are turning to the sweet potato for help.  A sweet potato is full of vitamins and minerals, so it is a healthy food option.  Dr. Oz calls sweet potatoes a Super Food because they are full of antioxidants that help the body fight off disease.  Eat sweet potatoes to lose weight, prevent strokes, lower heart attack risk, help ward off certain cancers, balance electrolytes, and to aid in overall health and disease prevention.

How Sweet Potatoes Aid Weight Loss

Sweet potatoes help people lose weight because they are satiating. People feel "full" faster and longer. Satiety is the feeling of satisfaction from eating.  Sweet potatoes hasten this process, preventing overeating. Eating slowly also helps. When people eat fast they are more likely to over-eat because they are done before the body signals it is getting full.  Stop eating at the point of satisfaction instead of fullness. This alone helps people lose weight because they eat less food, decreasing caloric intake.

Eat sweet potatoes several times per week with a meal.  For best weight loss results, eat sweet potatoes with the largest meal of the day.  Eat the sweet potato first.  Controlling food intake is super important if you want to lose weight.  Exercise and all that other stuff is important, too, but when total calorie intake is consistently higher than the total calories burned by the body throughout the day, it is very hard to lose weight. 

Sweet potatoes are also a low glycemic index food. The glycemic index is about how carGrow Your Own Sweet PotatoesCredit: Amazon.combohydrates affect blood glucose levels.  When food is low on the glycemic index it means that it does not spike blood sugar (glucose).  Since sweet potatoes are a low glycemic food they are safe for Diabetics. 

Organic sweet potatoes are the healthiest option. Potatoes are on the recommended organic vegetable shopping list because of pesticides, but don't let this stop you from eating them to lose weight. Sweet potatoes are easily to grow at home.  Buy sweet potato plants or seeds, plant them in a planter, and then add the sweet potato plants to a container garden,  a back porch garden or a lawn garden.  Planting and growing sweet potatoes at home will save money, provide organic potatoes, plus it is rewarding and convenient to harvest food that you grew on your own.    

How to Cook a Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are potatoes!  Cooking sweet potatoes is easy.  Always wash and scrub the potato skin before cooking.  Bake or microwave the potato until it's slightly soft.  Slice it open down the middle like a baked potato or cut them into pieces. Bake sweet potatoes for sweet potatoSweet Potatoes Help Reduce Stroke Risk french fries or sweet potato chips.  They can also be boiled.  Candied sweet potatoes are not the best option, although they taste great.  

Easy Sweet Potato Weight Loss Recipe

Microwave a sweet potato until it's soft like a baked potato.  Add a small amount of Coconut Oil and Agave Nectar or Honey. Sprinkle Cinnamon on it and eat.

Avoid syrups with added sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Check with your doctor about Agave if you are Diabetic.  Do not top it with a lot of extra calories that counter weight loss efforts.   Eat sweet potatoes as a part of a healthy diet.  Swap them with unhealthy food.

Buy sweet potatoes that are deep orange.  Bright orange, red, purple, and other bright-colored fruits and vegetables have beta-carotene in them.  Sweet potatoes also have alpha-carotene.  Store potatoes in a dry place, but not in the refrigerator. 

Nutritional Value of a Sweet Potato:Sweet Potatoes to Lose Weight

  • Almost half the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for Vitamin C
  • 10% Daily Iron
  • 8% Thiamine
  • 6% Calcium
  • Vitamin B6 (helps reduce stroke risk)
  • Vitamin A 8,000 IUs
  • High in Potassium
  • 141 Calories
  • Low Sodium
  • Good fiber Source
  • 150% more antioxidants than Blueberries

The nutritional value of sweet potatoes makes it great for losing weight, eating healthy, and reducing the risk of stroke.  Eating sweet potatoes several times per week is a smart choice for your health.