and have healthy holidays!

It cannot be helped that when temperatures hit all time lows, flus would also abound. Oftentimes, this spoils the fun of the holiday cheer. Though they have become almost synonymous with winter, flus do not need to spoil everything for home remedies can be done to hasten its leaving. 

Eventhough the article title says "eat" when down with flu, oftentimes appetite for food is absent, it is best to start with just fluids: water, fuit juice, tea, and soup. You see, to fight the flu, you have to be hydrated. If drinking water all the time can be boring, then alternate it with the fruit juices, not only are these rich in vitamin C but these also contain fiber which helps your body clean up. Also, having a tea or two is good for you because it has antioxidants that help fight viral infection like influenza. Though it means you have to drink up, it does not necessarily mean that you indulge in soda or alcoholic beverages for these will not help in keeping you hydrated — in fact it will make you dehydrated. And that would certainly something you should avoid in the first place. Soups are also recommended for those who have flu because it serves two purposes. First it adds to your fluid intake and second, it nourishes the body with nutrients like carbohydrates and protein.

Drink lots of water

Aside from keeping fluid levels normal, it is also important to eat vitamin C rich food. These are mostly fruits especially citrus ones but it is not limitted to them. Other excellent sources of vitamin C are broccoli, peppper, bean sprouts, potatoes, tomatoes and peppers.  An increase in the vitamin C dosage can help boost your immune system. A stronger immune system is important to combat a virus like influenza that comes and goes with the season.

Vitamin C for you

What is truly bothersome about having a flu is the runnny nose and congested nose alternating states that it leaves one just simply uncomfortable. Though this may sound counterintuitive but most recommend eating some spicy or hot food to ease this predicament. You may have noticed at times when you eat food with a lot of chili and pepper that your nose seems to be running, which would lead you to think that it is not a good idea to duplicate this when down with flu. In fact, you should so that you will get rid of that congestion and besides capsaicin is also an immune system booster. So indulge on those Thai or Indian dishes with a zing and your colds will be saying bye-bye in no time.

So Spicy Hot

Though most have a perception that when one is having a flu, all they have to eat are soup, soft food and fluids. But bear in mind, the white blood cells and platelets that are important units of the immune system are made from amino acids, the protein building blocks.  So it only means that lean meat is also a necessary part of a flu diet, for these will help replenish worn out white blood cells and maintain the amount of iron and zinc in your body. 

A Meaty Cure

The point is, even if you are having a flu, it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet so that your body can be effective in getting rid of the flu. Also, aside from nutrition, give yourself time to rest so that the signs of fatigue will also be gone and you will be ready to for the holidays. Also, if you have gotten rid of the flu in just a short amount of time, it means that you are also lessening the chances of spreading it to your family, friends and loved ones. So  for those who have the flu, eat up, drink up and catch those Zs!