Eat and Lose Weight!

Yes you can eat whatever you want and lose weight!  It's true and you don't need diet pills to burn calories.  Forget about all the fads that you have heard.  It's basically comes down to HOW much you eat!  Yes it's true, you can enjoy fast food, sugary sweets and all your favorites, the key is knowing how much you should have for a portion.  

We all have a certain amount of calories that we should consume daily to carry us throughout the day.  If we stay within a certain range we can either stay the same weight over time, or gain weight or even lose weight.  Most people gain weight because they consume too much high calorie foods and move very little to burn off the excess calories.  Calories are not created equally, for instance healthier choices tend to burn off very easily therefore promoting weight loss and do not usually cause weight gain.  On the other hand, some foods, will stay in the system longer and turn into fat.  This is why certain diets will work that contain only certain foods in limited amounts.  

Diets are great for short term results, however successful weight loss should result from lifestyle changes that are easy to live with. No one wants to imagine life without ever eating their favorite foods.  Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to work in those foods.  

Portion control is the key to managing your favorites without gaining weight.  Most prepackaged foods define the serving size and will provide the nutritional information.  This is very useful in determining the amount that should be reasonably eaten.  If there is no provided nutritional information provided on packaging, the food can be researched over the internet to get an idea.  When all else fails, cutting usual portions in half will save tons of calories and provide the satisfaction of still enjoying favorites.   

Another great option to enjoying your favorites, is to reinvent them. Yes you can reinvent them!  Many processed foods contain high fat products that can be easily replaced with lower fat, healthier options to cut the calories.    There are great food substitions that can provide similiar tastes and texture without the fat!

Remember you can enjoy eating and not only consider salads as your only option for healthy eating.  No more follow strict diets that eliminates thousands of foods.  Instead become creative and portion controlled with your food and enjoy success.