Gain Weight With Protein
Credit: Jan Kratana

How To Gain Weight The Healthy Way

High Protein Weight Gain Diet

Some men, and even some women, can't seem to gain weight no matter what they do. You wish your clothes fit better, you'd like to look good naked, you're tired of covering up your skinny body with clothes that are too big. It's not as difficult as you think to put on healthy weight. You simply have to change your current eating habits.

Genes and Metabolism

If you aren't facing any health problems, you may be finding it hard to gain weight because it's in your genes. Perhaps your mother or father are thin, or were when they were younger, and this gene was passed on to you. Another reason you may find it hard to put on weight is because of a fast metabolism. Whether it's hereditary or related to your metabolism, it is possible to add on pounds and inches so you feel more confident.

Dietary Changes

If you want to put on weight you need to eat more food, but you have to be smart about it. You can't shovel in fast food, candy bars, and other junk hoping that you'll put on some pounds. All you'll end up with is high cholesterol or other health problems. Instead, focus on lots of lean protein, eggs, dairy, whole grains and supplement with protein shakes if you enjoy those.

Eat More Often

To gain weight you'll want to eat three healthy meals and two or more snacks or protein shakes each day. Many underweight people tend to snack on junk food throughout the day while others don't each much at all since they don't have big appetites. Either way, you need to have regular meals.

Even if you think you aren't hungry try eating something if it's been two or three hours since your last meal. You may find that you actually do want something to eat. It may take a few weeks, but by eating regular meals your appetite will normalize and you should start putting on weight.

High Calorie Foods

When you do eat, focus on high protein foods and foods that are higher in calories. For example, lean beef has more calories than lean turkey or fish. Cheddar cheese has more calories than mozzarella. Nuts have more calories than plain popcorn. Enjoy adding healthy fats to your foods too, such as olive oil, avocados, and olives. That's not to say that you should avoid lower calorie foods, but choose some foods each day that are normally higher in calories than what you'd usually choose and be sure to have protein with every meal.

By following these tips you should find that you put on weight more easily than you have in the past. The key here is to change your current eating habits and adopt new and healthier ones that include higher calorie foods, good fats, and eating more often.