Dark leafy greens and vegetables are the best foods to eat for your health.These "Green Foods" are a good source for vitamins,minerals and fiber. Some of the green foods like spinach,collards,kale and brocolli contain oxidents. These "Oxidents" are very important for good health. Oxidents also are important to help prevent clogging of the artieries and fight against cancer.


Purchase your greens as fresh as you can get them so as not to lose any of the important vitamins. You can find them at your local produce stand. More and more people are growing there own vegetables. Organic vegetables are tasty and no toxic chemicals are used to grow them. You can make a compose container to fertilize your plants with in your back yard. A rainbarrel can catch rainwater so that you can water them and save money on your water bill.

Supplements are another good option when you can't get fresh greens. Organic greens are dehydrated to preserve there nutrients. They usually contain wheat,oats,microalgae,and cholorphyll vegetables such kale,brocolli,and parsley.

Microalgae, in case your wondering,strengthens the immune system. It is high in cholorphyll that helps build red blood cells. It is a great source of vitamins and minerals. Also it contains anti-cancer properies.

Green foods are sometimes called the "Super Foods"because they naturally improve the skin,digestion,energy level and vision.

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