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Eating Healthy for Life

Eating Healthy for Life

If you're one of three Americans that are overweight and you're tired of bouncing from one diet to the next, you're not alone. Many diets fail because continued cycles of dieting causes your brain to signal an alert that food will not be provided. The body reacts to this by slowing down your metabolism and stores food as fat. This makes it even more difficult to lose weight and causes increased stress and depression for the person trying to stay on a diet to lose weight until you eventually just give up thinking that you are destined to stay at your current weight.

There's a better, safer and healthier way to lose weight by eating healthy for life. Follow these tips to get yourself on a healthy eating plan that you can follow forever and avoid the word 'diet' from now on.

A New Plan for Eating Healthy for Life

Steps to take for Eating Healthy

* Limit simple carbohydrates from the diet. These include enriched products, white breads and cereals, sugar. Instead, replace simple carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates like fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, brown rice or pasta. You'll avoid that bloated feeling from eating, get fuller faster and will feel better overall and be on your way to eating healthy.

* Eat all your regularly scheduled meals. Avoid skipping meals which only slows the metabolism since the body realizes you aren't giving it the fuel it needs and instead fat is stored. Smaller more frequent meals are preferred for proper weight loss and eating healthy for life.

* Try to eat a snack several hours before bedtime that includes protein and a healthy carbohydrate which will make you full before bed and also help you sleep better.

* Drink only water after your last snack of the day approximately three hours before bedtime which will keep you fuller for longer.

* Avoid saturated fats and trans fats. These heavy foods are difficult for the body to digest, are not healthy for you, your heart and organs and are also high in calories.

* Take your time when you're eating and slow down, have a conversation with someone and avoid eating in front of the television or computer.

* Use a smaller dish or plate for your meals which will remind you that you're on track of eating healthy. Remember that the stomach is the size of the palm of your hand so, don't overfill it.

* Put your fork or spoon down after each bite of food and chew slowly. Making a conscience effort at slowing down while eating your meals will help you to get fuller faster without finishing everything on your plate. It works!

* Use the Food Pyramid Guide from the US Department of Agriculture as your guide to eating healthy.

* Start an exercise program that you can easily do and will enjoy. Add something new such as Zumba or hula hooping!  You'll feel energized and can lose weight much faster when burning calories and fat. This will also help you to retain muscle and exercise is probably the number one thing you can do to stay healthy for life. Getting fit will assist your efforts to eating healthier too.

* Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day to help you feel fuller as well as to keep the body hydrated, keep the digestive system working properly and to help to detox your body.

* Allow yourself your favorite snack, just eat it in moderation. Depriving yourself of the things you love to eat will only make you want it more and will deter your plans for eating healthy or losing weight. Recognize what you've eaten and adjust the following meal's calories to make up for the snack you enjoyed.  Moderation is key to success at losing weight and slow and steady wins the race to eating healthy for life.

* Don't obsess about the number on the scale. Look to your clothing to know when your results are paying off. Muscles weighs more than fat so building muscle may not change the number on the scale!

* Avoid medications and chemicals for weight loss which all have side effects and may make you feel worse instead of better. Do your own research to find safe products and remember that there is no magic pill to make you feel better , lose weight or to get healthy.

* See your physician for a physical before starting any weight loss program


Once you decide to start a plan for healthy eating for life, you'll feel better, you'll look better, you'll start to lose those unwanted pounds and it will become second nature to you. Food is fuel that the body needs and food is also the energy that we need and the medicine to heal and cure many ailments that our bodies obtain.


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Good luck on eating healthy now which will turn into eating healthy for life, looking and feeling better!

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