It seems like the cost of sugar is always a lot less expensive than just a piece of fruit. This can make eating healthy on a budget somewhat impossible. However, if you just shift your budget you can have extra budget for healthier foods even if it's more expensive.

When you go out to eat, even if it's just for fast food, you probably won't have a lot of healthy options. If you just try to cut this out and take your lunch then you'll find that there is extra money leftover for your grocery bill. This is both a budget friendly and healthy idea.

If you want to spend more money on chicken or fish then cut down on snack foods. Again, this has to do with reallocating your budget away from lots of cheaper junk foods to more expensive healthier versions. It will initially look like you are buying a lot less food just because you won't have a lot of packages and bags taking up room in your cart.

Another option is to consider a fruit and vegetable coop. You won't have a lot of say as to what vegetables you get. However, at Bountiful Baskets which has locations in the southwest you get an entire laundry basket of fruit and vegetables for $15-$16. This will take up a little bit of time on a weekend morning but it really is a way to get a lot of fruit and veggies in your diet when there doesn't seem to be a healthy option for this. Going vegetarian at least a few nights a meat can help you to cut down on fat. Although, then you’ll still need to make sure that you have enough protein in your diet for it to be balanced which is always a struggle.

Eating healthy on a budget can seem impossible if you have food allergies. If you need gluten free food it can be difficult to prepare at home. Plus, just the costs of these flours can be quite astronomical. In this case, you’re just going to have to try to focus more on the foods that you can actually eat than trying to replicate everything that you can’t. You can still occasionally get gluten free bread or cookies from the health food or grocery store when you have a little bit more room in your budget.

Learn to cook and eat at home. This will initially trim a lot of money off your budget. You’ll stay away from preservatives. You just need to change your mindset both on how you think about your budget and how you think about food to accomplish this.