Dieting can be tough, but, unless you want to sacrifice your friends while you diet, sometimes, you're going to have to eat out. Restaurant food can be full of hidden calories and dressings. Sometimes, even the 'healthy looking' options can be laced with sneaky calories.

By making smart choices, you can still eat out, enjoy yourself and stick to your diet. Follow these best diet tips, and make it a night to remember, not one to forget.

Best diet tip #1:

Limit your alcohol and fizzy sodas. Know what drinks are good and which are bad for dieting, and make smart choices. If you're going to drink alcohol, stick to dry white wine, or vodka with slimline tonic. Have water as your non-alcohol choice and drink your alcohol responsibly – no more than a few glasses.

Best diet tip #2:

Avoid pre-dinner snacks and appetizers. These are often full of fat and because they are shared, it's easy to over-indulge. If you're offered bread, try not to indulge. If you must, choose whole wheat bread, with no butter or oil added.

Best diet tip #3:

Watch portion sizes. The portions served in many eateries have increased over the years, causing many of us to gain weight. Why not choose a starter as your main, and bulk it out with some salad and vegetable sides?

Best diet tip #4:

Stick to two courses. You're eating out, and it's not fair to totally deny yourself, but it's also not an excuse to overindulge. A starter and main can generally be better options (or as above, pick 2 starters – one as your main), rather than a main and desert.

Best diet tip #5:

Ask for your sauces and dressings on the side. That way, you can control the amount that you consume. Stick to tomato based sauces, rather than fat-laden mayonnaises and creamy salad dressings.

Best diet tip #6:

Choose fish and white meats. Fish is great – grilled and served simply with a little lemon juice, is a tasty and very healthy choice. White meats are much better options than red meat. Be sure to avoid anything that's fried or sautéed. If you're choosing pasta, choose low-fat diet sauces. Equally, steer clear of those dishes that are laden with sauces, unless you can get the sauce on the side.

Best diet tip #7:

If you are having desert, look for fruit salads and sorbets, rather than cakes and ice cream.

Best diet tip #8:

Stick to your own choices. Avoid shared platters and don't be swayed by the choices of your friends.

Best diet tip #9:

Try to resist eating in fast-food outlets, where even the salads can be sinful. If they've dragged you into a pizza joint, choose a thin crust veggie with no cheese, or a pasta with a tomato sauce, and hold the Parmesan.

Best diet tip #10:

Don't lose sight of your goal. Remember why you are dieting and what you hope to achieve. By keeping this at the forefront of your mind, you'll stay true to yourself and the scales won't betray you at your next weigh-in.

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