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Be prepared when eating out and learn to make the best choices so you won't ruin your dieting. Sticking to your diet can be as easy as planning ahead. Preparing what you will eat will make it less frustrating to you when you meet the scale. There are lots of ways to beat the chances of a weight gain while eating out.

Choose your meal ahead of time. Once you know where you're going, do your research to find the lowest fat entree on the menu so you can stick to your diet. If you can't find it online, call the restaurant. They may even be able to fax or email you something stating the calories and fat etc. that their food contains. You will save yourself loads of guilt and calories while dieting! If you check out, you will find lots of fast food and other restaurants listed with a total breakdown of calories, fat, salt on each item in the restaurant. It is a great resource to use.

Make it a ritual to drink a glass of water before you go to dinner. Avoid the bread, chips etc that are put on the table. This will sabotage your diet. Why not walk away feeling proud for having control. Skip the dressing unless it's a low fat one. Otherwise, ask for olive oil & vinegar and use the oil sparingly. Better yet invest in little low fat packets of dressing (you can buy them at wholesale clubs) and carry them in your purse.

Don't eat fast but eat to enjoy the meal. When you eat fast, your stomach doesn't catch up until it's too late, and then you are overstuffed and not feeling so well. When you are comfortably full, take the rest home for another meal. Remember to eat moderately during the day before you go out to a restaurant but don't starve yourself. Don't eat foods that are empty like carbs. Try to eat foods that are wholesome during the day like fruit and protein. This will help to be able to eat out while dieting.

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 The most important point about learning to stick to your diet while you're eating out is that you need to plan it ahead if you can. You cannot always do this. When you're able to plan ahead, take advantage of the situation so you can save yourself some heartache. This way you can pat yourself on the back for a good habit of being well disciplined while dieting.


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