Anyone who has watched the Rocky film will probably remember the scene where Rocky drinks raw eggs in the morning. For some this may make you grimace, but please stick with me while we look at the health benefits of eating raw eggs for breakfast, and how you can make them taste great.

Benefits of Raw Eggs

Eggs are one of the best sources of quality protein and healthy fats around. This is well known by bodybuilders and those following a strength training program and is a core part of their diet.

Eating raw eggs will provide greater health benefits than cooked eggs. When food is cooked it loses some of its nutritional value. When cooking eggs it changes the structural composition of the egg and makes people more susceptible to contracting an egg allergy. Uncooked eggs have significantly lower allergic responses than cooked eggs.

Most people's fears when eating raw eggs will be the possibility of contracting salmonella. However the risk of this happening is extremely low. There is more chance of dying in a plane crash that contracting salmonella by eating raw egg.

Selecting Good Quality Eggs

Despite the odds working well in your favour, you should keep the risk even lower by only purchasing healthy eggs. Quite simply healthy eggs come from healthy chickens and unhealthy eggs come from unhealthy chickens.

Always buy eggs that have come from chickens that have been left free to roam. Been fed organically and allowed to exercise. Eggs from commercial hens fed unhealthy diets and kept in cramped cages will more likely be bad. Disease can easily spread in those conditions also. Always check the eggs to ensure there are no broken shells.

You should keep fresh eggs at room temperature. Keeping eggs in the fridge can damage the egg protein. Only refrigerate eggs if they were refrigerated when purchased. Do not eat eggs that smell foul when cracked, or where the egg white appears watery.

Getting the Most Nutrition from your Eggs

The egg yolk should be eaten with the egg white. Nature always has its reasons, and eggs were intended to be eaten whole. Eating the eggs white alone could lead to Biotin deficiency. This is because of the level of a glycoprotein called Avidin that is found in egg whites. Avidin has been found to be effective at blocking Biotin. Fortunately egg yolk contains bundles of Biotin to counter the actions of the egg whites.

It is a common theme in bodybuilding diets to see the consumption of eggs whites alone. This is because the protein is mainly found in the white of the egg, whilst the yolk contains more fat. Fat also aids the digestion of protein, so eating whole eggs should help ensure you get more of that good quality protein.

Test Out Some Raw Egg Recipes

Despite the aforementioned benefits, I am sure the thought of eating raw eggs has not got you racing to the nearest poultry farm just yet.

To help tease them taste buds, try creating a nice smoothie using raw egg and some fruit such as bananas or blueberries. These go great and will create a lovely and hugely nutritious breakfast. Why not try creating an egg nog by adding some milk and cream. There are plenty of ideas out there for good raw egg recipes.

Why not try inventing your own recipes and share what you find here with other readers.