Pregnancy is synonymous with every woman and a balanced diet is the key to a healthy mind and body. Likewise eating right during your pregnancy is very crucial because you not only eat for yourself but also for the growing baby. Hence eating right during your pregnancy is indispensable. The foetus absorbs the entire need of essential food ingredient from the mother no matter what she consumes, so eating right during your pregnancy is very important.

You could skip a meal ordinarily while dieting but never during pregnancy, particularly never the breakfast because the baby in your womb feeds all the time, the moment it is hungry. Breakfast should be the important food regime everyday. The morning sickness is one such reason why most of the pregnant women go through every morning; it's because of the long gap in the food intake timings. So be wise and adopt the ways of eating right during your pregnancy.

Tips to eating right during your pregnancy:

Food supplements which must be consumed on a daily basis:

To develop strong bones for the baby you need to eat adequate calcium, else the calcium from your bones dissolves to supplement the baby. Dairy products are rich source of calcium. A serving of about 4-6 per day should be sufficient for a pregnant mother. The diet of a pregnant lady should therefore include extra cheese, milk and yogurt. Eating right during pregnancy replenishes the imbalance caused by the regular consumption of useful nutrients by the growing baby.

The baby also needs a variety of nutrients like vitamins and minerals which can be supplemented by fruits and green leafy vegetables. The green leafy vegetables though very bland in taste are a rich source of iron and many trace elements like calcium, magnesium and phosphorus which again are very useful in forming strong teeth and bones. On the other hand sweets and chocolates are very delicious and tempting has no nutritional valve at all. Eating right during your pregnancy benefits all in every way.

Certain unhealthy food which can be avoided:

  • Non pasteurized products – Always heat up the food you are about to eat
  • Rare meat or undercooked meat
  • Fish with high mercury content such as shark and swordfish
  • Raw Eggs
  • Sweets, chocolates and caffeine
  • Greasy fast foods - difficult to digest
  • Food with strong odor

Eating right during your pregnancy is a solely personal thing however a dietician is the best person to guide you. Eating right during pregnancy shouldn't be considered as being on a sick diet. It's not the food but the state of mind which makes you feel that way. Conversely it can be a real delight everyday.

Sufficient amount of solid as well as liquid supplements like fruit juices and water can have a transforming effect on you and the baby. Fruit juices contain a lot of antioxidants which helps maintain a glowing skin. So make sure of eating right during your pregnancy.