Fiber promotes good digestive health for everyone. Fiber is known to lower colesterol and insulin level, reduce the risk of many cancers such as colon and breast cancer. You will not be very hungry after eating fiber, because fiber fills you up quickly. Fiber comes from plants so don't expect to get your ruffage from eating animal (meat).

To stay healthy it is recomended you eat over 60 grams of fiber a day. As stated fiber is found in plant such as beans, grains, fruits and vegetables. These should already be in your diet. You just need to be creative in how you prepare your food. Try making salads as snacks and soups for dinner. These two methods should include different vegetables to increase your ruffage and your body will thank you.

The best way to eat fruit and vegetables is as natural as possible. Here are a few easy to make smoothies to get your fiber on.

Kewi Melon Smoothie

2 kewis, peeled and cut into chunks

1/2 honeydew melon cut into cubes

1/2 cup orange juice

Blend and serve, add ice to be cold

Coconut Fruit Smoothie

1 coconut

Variety of fruits

blend and serve, add ice if you want it cold

Along with a great high fiber diet they are few things you can do to maintain a healthy diet.

1. Breakfast: If you eat breakfast within one hour from waking up in the morning, it will increase your metabolism and this will also help you to make healthy decisions throughout your day.

2. Water: Drink water throughout the day. Water is known to detoxify your body and keep your skin glowing. Instead of juice drink water.

3. Snacking: When we feel hungry we go for the carb food to fill us quickly, or some of us don't snack only if ware bored, depressed, or tired. To prevent over eating snack lightly between breakfast and luch and dinner. Snack on nuts, fruits and vegetables.

4. 7pm: To see changes in your body try not to eat after 7pm. If you do feel hungry after 7pm drink herbal tea. This will keep you full until breakfast.

5.Reward Yourself: The most important thing to remember is to reward yourself in life. Treat yourself to a movie, new outfit or a massage on a regular basis. It will help you to maintain your healthy behavior.

Going through life with a good fiber diet and positive attitude you will live much longer.