There is certainly more to life than the vicious cycle of dieting and over-eating. We need to find a way of eating foods that are good for our bodies as well as not depriving ourselves entirely of those foods that aren't so good for us. Eating well is for life not just until we reach our ideal body weight.

It's a well-known fact that diets don't work. We are led to believe that if we eat the 'right' foods or cut out certain foods for a while, we will reach our ideal weight and live happily ever after as the lighter ideal version of ourselves. The truth is most of us diet until we reach our ideal weight or lose the will power then go back to eating what we ate before.

The answer really is simple: It's about developing an eating plan that has both healthy foods and the not so healthy foods. The only difference is we eat smaller portions of the less healthy foods and try to have them in moderation as opposed to depriving ourselves of all those foods that we crave for months then stuffing ourselves with them when we can't take the self-deprivation any longer. If we do have a binge day though, it is important not to fall of the wagon and feel like we've failed miserably. Remember tomorrow is a new day and we're all only human after all.

When we allow ourselves to eat what we like, albeit in moderation, there is a shift in our minds. We have stopped telling ourselves that we can't have something that we want because we all know that when we tell ourselves we can't have something we want it all the more.

A good way of developing a long-term healthy living plan is to plan our meals and snacks monthly. This way we can make sure that we don't eat more calories  that we're supposed to in a day and we can put all those foods  that we deprive ourselves of while dieting on our 'eating well' plan, so we can see that those snacks don't have discarded altogether. 

There is more to life than constantly worrying about our weight and the foods that we can and can't eat. It is ultimately about eating more of the foods that nourish our bodies and less of the foods that don't.