Eating and Driving

There are many foods you can eat while driving but if you want to keep your shirt clean then you better not try and eat a foot long chili dog from Sonic. Here are some foods that are great to eat while driving.

Breakfast Burritos

A breakfast burrito that is properly rolled is a great food to eat while driving your car. If it is greasy you may make a mess on your shirt but as long as you keep the wrapper wrapped around the bottom of the breakfast burrito you should be fine. If you decide to add hot sauce then you will probably wind up with a dirt shirt so stay away from adding taco sauce while eating your breakfast burrito as you drive.

Melon Slices

Sliced cantaloupe and honeydew melon makes a healthy and tasty snack while you are driving. You may get a little bit of juice on yourself but they usually are cleaner to eat then sliced watermelon.


Raisins are simple, healthy, and easy to eat while driving. If you drop one it will just roll off you onto the floor.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is inexpensive and a great food to eat while you are driving. It is relatively mess free if you do happen to drop it on your clothes while driving.

Yogurt Squeezes

Yogurt can ne hard to eat while driving but if you simply have to have your morning yogurt but are running late for work then consider buying some yogurt squeezes. A yogurt squeeze is simply yogurt in a tube. You stick the tube in your mouth and either squeeze or suck the yogurt out.

Yogurt squeezes are usually marketed towards kids as a fun way to eat yogurt so you can find unique yogurt flavors such as cotton candy flavored yogurt.

You can find yogurt squeezes in the yogurt section at most grocery stores including Wal-Mart.


Popcorn is a great way to eat while you are driving as long as you keep the butter and salt off of the popcorn. If you don't mind vacuuming your car occasionally you can eat plain flavored popcorn in your car. The only true danger is if you bite into a hard kernel and then jerk the car off the road into a canal and die.

If you buy gourmet popcorn and not the cheap stuff and then properly cook it then your odds of dying while driving and eating the popcorn drastically decrease.

Foods to Stay Away From While Driving

Some foods are better left out of the car. One example of a food not to eat while driving your car is Shish Kabobs. If you hit the brakes you may poke a hole through your throat and die. Use common sense. If you can leave your house 15 minutes sooner then you will not have to drive while you eat. If you do have to drive while you eat but you want to keep your clothes clean then stay away from the biscuits and gravy. Don't try to eat a rack of pork spare ribs covered in barbeque sauce.