By deciding to eliminate cooked foods from your life you have made a very important critical decision. Now you just need to learn how to stick with your plan. You’ll face challenges as you work on your raw eating plan and you’ll get  mixed messages about the foods you should or should not be eating Bit if you stay strong you’ll make it through the rough going.

Raw foods with bring you clarity and a state of personal empowerment. You’ll decide what to eat and you’ll be able to understand what your body wants. Don’t concern yourself with the notion that you need to eat 100% raw food but the more unprocessed and raw food you do eat the better you’ll start to feel. If you fall off and eat something you shouldn’t don’t worry too much about it. Once you start eating more raw food it will be easier to get back on track after you make a slip. Try getting together with others who are into the raw lifestyle. Go to gatherings or potlucks, share ideas, recipes, and get support from those who are following the same path you are. This lifestyle has the same ups and downs as our regular lives but it’s easier if you work together with others and share your experiences. In the beginning it might be difficult to stay raw but you’ll manage easier with a good support system behind you.

Avoiding Cooked Foods

In our daily lives we are bombarded by the smells of cooked food. It’s all around us and very difficult to let go of. These smells bring us back to our youth and we have deep associations with those smells.  Our society puts so many pressures on us to consume and eat what we are told to eat through the media that a person feels helpless at times. The best thing to do is turn off your television and live your life the way you want to live it, not the way someone else tells you to live it. Go to the store and watch people as they pick up products off the shelf. They are buying a brand not a food product and the consumption of that so called food is really just an idea pushed onto us from a company. There’s just an image there and you need to move past that image. When you have cravings for cooked foods remember that and you’ll be less tempted.

Eating Raw

Satisfy cravings with alternatives that are raw. You’ll start to enjoy organic raw food more once you lose those cravings for cooked food. Raw food such as cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, plums, radishes, sweet peppers, and celery stick can become amazing snack foods. We sure to experiment with your raw food and celebrate life with your food just like you did before. Enjoy fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts and shop seasonally for peak quality. You can feel good that you’re supporting local growers too and not some giant corporation. Try making your own dishes and take regular ones and convert them to tasty raw food dishes. It might not always work but the experimentation will give you a positive feeling that you’re doing something good for your body.

Living Raw

Make sure you listen to others into this lifestyle and see if they have any ideas that appeal to you. You really don’t have any rules just to what you feel is best for your own body. Don’t fall for the latest guru who tells you what you should eat on a raw food diet since this is just falling into old traps of the past. You’re just replacing those old traps with raw food instead.

Make your own decision based upon any information you find and use what works for you the best. Analyze and see how foods react to your system. What works for someone else might not be the best thing for you. As you go on this journey you can feel good that you’re helping the environment too by eating organically grown food. You are saving the energy it takes to cook food and eliminating all the packaging that just ends up in landfills which leads to more pollution of the planet.

Find a place to do some meditation and find your spiritual side. Try Tai Chi or Yoga and begin to understand more about our natural world and connect again with it. Enjoy the sunlight and breathe fresh air. Let the sunlight be a part of your raw food diet and use your intuition as a guide through this new healthy existence you’ve created for yourself.

Glow Healthy on The Inside

To remove the free radical damage in your body you need minerals, vitamins, enzymes and essential fatty acids working on your system. You need a diet that’s rich in antioxidants which raw foods provide. Think sweet peepers, avocado, melons, berries, oranges, leafy vegetables, squash, pineapples, and tomatoes among many other healthy selections. You’ll start to glow from the inside on out as you consume these wonderful foods.

Other foods you need are those rich in essential fatty acids. These foods include flax seeds, avocado, or extra virgin olive oil. You can use these foods in many different ways to provide flavor to your dishes and give you those good fats that your body needs. Avocadoes are good for your skin since they are high in the vitamins D, A, and E. Avocadoes help you to build up your collagen which provides elasticity and firmness to skin. When we don’t get enough collagen our skin wrinkles, looks aged and sags.

You can get healthy by eating your food raw so adopt this diet as soon as possible for better health and well-being.