If you are interested in having a nice tan for the summer, but you are either not willing or don't have the time to visit a tanning saloon, then you might want to turn your attention on fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Good example of such a fruit is most definitely cantaloupe, which consists of over 90% water, and the other 10% is mostly carbohydrates and proteins. Like majority of fruits, cantaloupes are very rich in vitamins and proteins, but in cantaloupe we have increased amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene which can be very helpful to us.

Taking into consideration these facts about cantaloupes one could easily conclude that this fruit is the perfect thing for the summer days, or even as a everyday fruit because of high amounts of beta-carotene and vitamin C. In 100 grams of cantaloupe we have around 30% of recommended daily amounts of vitamin C and around 10% of beta-carotene. Since these compounds are powerful antioxidants, they are very helpful when it comes to skin issues and they increase our skin health and not only that, they aid the creation of a nice natural tan in the summer months. As it was said before cantaloupe are mainly made up of water, so they could easily replace various beverages, which could be unhealthy for you.

But cantaloupe isn't just great for skin, because of it's minerals and fibers, they can help with a wide variety of issues. One of the things where this fruit is very beneficial is the kidneys. Amounts of potassium and water that we have in cantaloupes  help a great deal in cleansing of our bodies of toxins through kidneys, and not only that, it also plays a part in regulation of the blood pressure. Fibers that we find in cantaloupes help out a great deal with weight control by regulating digestion and binding with fats. Another great effect of these fibers is that they will help out with the elimination of gases which are produced during digestion, so if you are suffering from gases it's also a good thing to try.

The recommended daily amount of this delicious fruit is around 2 cups, which will give us all the previously said beneficial effects, and great thing is that it's only a little over 100 kcal, so if you are watching your weight it doesn't set you back to much.