How nutrition helps with kettlebell workouts

You hear a lot about how working out will make you lose weight.  The truth is, what you eat has a far bigger impact on your weight and body composition than working out does.  Some studies estimate that 75% of your weight is determined by what you eat, not how much you workout.  Here are some general tips for eating healthier

If you don’t know what something is, don’t eat it.  It is really easy to pick up any box, can, package or frozen item and take a look at the ingredients.  If you don’t know what some of the ingredients are, then don’t eat them.  This couldn’t get any simpler.  There are so many wild ingredients on the label of foods these days that food sounds like it came from science class not a farm. 

One helpful strategy is to shop the outside of the grocery store.  Most stores keep the coolers and produce, chillers, and fresh food displays on the perimeter of the store.  If you don’t venture into the middle of the store, chances are you will be getting mostly fresh foods.  Fresh foods are much better for you than processed foods.

 It is important you keep variety.  Most people have started to adopt diets that contain mostly carbohydrates.  However, too many carbohydrates have been proven to cause a lot of adverse health effects.  Try to make sure you eat fruits and vegetable as carbs and try to cut way back on all the pasta noodles, cereals, breads, crackers, and grain products.  Be sure to keep the balance of proteins, healthy fats, and carbs.  This will go a long way in your quest for getting healthy.

Make your own food.  This can be difficult for busy people, but if you plan ahead and do a little precooking, you can easily eat most of your meals that have been prepared by you.  When you eat at fast food places or restaurants or cafeterias you never really know what is going into your foods or what ingredients they use.  If you cook for yourself you have control over it and can assure that the foods you eat are not too bad for you.

If you can implement these simple rules you will start losing weight and feeling better right away.  So start to adopt these rules and start to improve your life today!