Most people like to make their home attractive and fitting it out with some stylish furniture can help. Furniture can be expensive and long lasting, so making sure you pick the right style is important. The expense means it is not something you want to change too often and therefore taking your time and shopping around is the common sense thing to do.

The mid to late 20th century was a period when many of the furniture pieces that are considered style icons were designed. There are a few names that stand out from this period and furniture designers such as Panton, Eames and Noguchi are some of these. Many of the pieces they designed have remained in fashion to this day and are still manufactured.

Eero Saarinen was a popular furniture designer who produced many of his famous pieces in the 1940's and 50's. These included tables, chairs and ottomans. The Womb Chair and Ottoman was one of the classic designs and this has stood the test of time and remained popular.

The design which Eero Saarinen is most closely associated with is his Tulip collection. He produced this in the mid 1950's and it comprises various pieces of furniture. These were manufactured from what were relatively new materials in the 1950's and this provided them with a contemporary look. The use of the Tulip chair in the Star Trek series probably helped to popularize the Tulip collection and they have remained very much in fashion ever since.

If you are looking for a larger table to fit in a kitchen then the Saarinen dining table can be a good option to consider. This table comes with a round or oval top and varies in size from 36 to 96 inches. There is also a range of table top materials to choose from. This provides the consumer with a wide choice of options and no matter the décor of a room and space available, it should be possible to fit a Saarinen table comfortably into this.

A Saarinen coffee table is an option if you like the style of the Tulip collection. This is available in a few different sizes of table top and is a classic piece of furniture to have in your home. Much like the Noguchi coffee table, it has remained popular since its introduction and these days it is considered a style icon.

Having a side table next to a chair can be a nice combination and the smallest of the Saarinen Tulip tables is perfect for this. It ranges in size from 16 to 22 inches and decorated with a lamp or ornament can be a stylish addition to a room. This is also the least costly of the Saarinen tables and can be a more affordable way to bring the designer look into a room.

The Knoll Furniture Company was responsible for turning Saarinen designs into reality. They have now manufactured the Tulip collection for 54 years and continue to do so. If you are considering buying a Saarinen table you will need to consider the size and table top material as these both influence the cost. Generally the bigger the table the more expensive it will be. The smaller side tables have a starting price of around $500, whereas this will be more like $1,600 for the dining table.